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Web 2.0 --- A Marketing Primer

May 6, 2008
Internet marketing is a vast field with many different subsections within its walls. One specific part of internet marketing deals with the idea of traffic generation and the different methods to get that traffic. There are many conventional methods for traffic generation such as text link advertising, article marketing and link exchanging that have been around for a long time and while these traffic generation methods are definitely successful over the long run, if you are truly interested in generating a large amount of traffic to your website for a minimum amount of effort and money, then you might want to start looking at some newer techniques.

These newer techniques are not as well tested, but at the same time, a number of different marketers have achieved amazing results through their use. These techniques utilize the newer types of websites appearing on the internet. These websites, collectively referred to as Web 2.0 websites, are a virtual gold mine possible traffic, and can be dangerous to you web business.

Social Networking Websites

At the heart of the Web 2.0 is the social networking website. Although MySpace and Facebook are perhaps the two most popular social networking websites around, many of these exist online. The goal of these websites is to sign up for a profile where you state your interests and other information about yourself, and then once you've done that, the rest of your efforts are engaged in building a social network of your own. In order to help facilitate this, social networking websites have groups centered on different characteristics (such as particular interests, geographical locations, etc.) that people might have in common.

On the whole, these websites might seem to be unrelated to the idea of internet marketing and traffic generation, but consider for the moment exactly what these websites can do for you. In a social networking website, you already have a group of people together that are interested in different things, and as a result, you have the perfect target audience in place. For example, if you have a website on dog training, you can simply promote it to the groups that are interested in pets, dogs or dog training. You already have an ultra responsive group of people that might be interested in exactly what you have to say, so getting the word out about your site is fairly easy. Social networking websites are one of the best Web 2.0 sources for online traffic generation.

Information Websites

In addition to social networking websites, another Web 2.0 group of websites on the internet is the information website group. These are websites where people post information for others. Think Yahoo Answers and other similar sites as you think about these. While these are primarily there to provide information to the viewer, they differ from conventional content websites because the viewers provide the information to other viewers. The interactivity alone is enough to get large groups of people involved. Once again this is a great marketing tool for you to utilize, because answers online quite frequently contain URLs in them, and therefore becoming an expert on your niche and answering questions that direct back to your website is perfectly acceptable within the context of these sites.

Other Web 2.0 Websites

There are other Web 2.0 websites available as well. Web 2.0 is home to websites that allow you to share your bookmarks with other people, websites that allow you to advertise different events and even websites that allow you to post your own work to be rated by others. News websites have also cropped up with the Web 2.0 general design, and many of the internet's most established websites are starting to add elements of web 2.0 design to their sites as well.

Web 2.0 is truly an internet revolution in progress, and if you understand how to utilize this revolution properly, you can help your own marketing causes greatly.
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