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How To Increase Your Website Sales Using Testimonials: More Testimonials = More Sales!

May 6, 2008
Keeping your customers happy is the best way to increase your sales. Not just because they are going to come back and buy from you, but for the simple fact that, if your customer is happy, they are more likely to go out and tell people about it.

The great thing about people is that when they are happy with something, they like to talk about it, and a lot of times, if they like your service, they are going to write to you and tell you about it (that's another reason why you have to be easy to get in contact with).

It's nice to read those nice testimonials, but did you know that you can make those testimonials work for you. That's right. In fact, you may have seen web sites doing this method of advertising already. What they do is they take all the testimonials they have and placed them on their web site so that people can see that the product or service they are offering are really that good.

The truth is, the more testimonials you have, the more sales you are going to get. A lot of times people are afraid to buy things online, because they feel like they are going to get ripped off. However, if you have a whole bunch of testimonials on your web site talking about how great your web site is then that person who was not sure, is going to be more willing to give it a try.

They will see that you are not a bad person, and you are out to make sure that everyone is happy. It's always a good idea to post a lot of testimonials all over your web site, not just on your home page. After all, not everyone gets to a web site's home page first. A lot of times they end up on other pages before they ever see the home page. Having testimonials throughout the body of several of your webpage makes it more visible and useful.

Just to prove to you that this works, you need to take a look at eBay. Ebay is using a ranking system for both sellers and buyers. Whenever you buy something from someone you are asking to give feedback. That way all the other eBay users can see how that person does business. If the person has a lot of positive testimonials then people are more likely to buy from him. However, if a ebay seller has a lot of negative feedback , then less people are going to buy from him. It's that simple!

Testimonials are a great marketing tool for your online business. They provide an external feedback about how you are running your business online. That reassure your potential customers and help them make a buying decision. Getting testimonials from your existing customers require minimal effort and will increase your sales tremendously in the process.

So lets go out there to gather those testimonials. You will thank yourself later!

To Your Success!
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