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3 Ways AutoResponders Grow Your Web Based Email Marketing List

May 6, 2008
I don't care what business you're in - if you're not using email marketing, you're missing out on a bundle of profits.

Here's why.

1. Through email marketing you're in contact with your customer, often, and they never forget your name.

2. It also educates them about all of your products and services - not just the initial product they bought. Exposing them to your entire catalog dramatically increases your chances of selling them more goods. Finally, it can be automated so you do very little work.

So how do you grow an email marketing list?

1. Give the people on your list a great offer they can't refuse! When they come to your web site, you should have a specific action for them to perform. And that action is to capture their email address for your email marketing list. You do this by offering a perceived high-value item...for free.

The word I want you to notice is OFFER. You tell them what you'll FREELY give them, and what they must do to earn it. For instance, someone is searching the Net for ab exercises to improve their shape. They land on your site, and guess what?

2. You offer them a video and a report for free on turning your flab into a rock-hard six-pack in only 47 days! Tell them they can get the location of these downloads if they sign up for your list. Then make it as easy as possible for them to sign up.

3. Once they have added themselves to your email marketing list, you must treat them right. Just like you wouldn't walk up to a person you just met and kiss them, you must court your list first before trying to sell them something.

In other words, focus on building the relationship first, with your email marketing list, in order to profit from your association.
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About the Author: Jeff C. Robertson can help you succeed with web based email marketing . Get started today and learn to profit from your own email marketing program .
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