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I to was living paycheck to paycheck, but never gave up!

May 6, 2008
If you want to stop living paycheck to paycheck you have to change your mindset, take a leap of faith and focus on finding the opportunity that will help you achieve your goals. Those living paycheck to paycheck find everyday a struggle, unable to enjoy life knowing they are working for basically nothing. You can make your financial dreams a reality, don't fall into a pattern of just living this kind of lifestyle forever.

Maybe your stuck in a dead end job, looking for a change? What if the world offered endless possibilities, would you open your mind or stay doing what your doing? Worse yet becoming unemployed and living even less than week to week. Many of us have been their and not many will have any sympathy for you.

Faith is motivating, paying attention, get over the bumps and moving on. Starting to use your intuition. You can not wave a wand and be prosperous, but yet it is our divine right to have security, too create wealth. This universe was created from intention and no one can tell me, we don't have the power inside to make our own visions become a reality!

If the economy was always good and the possibility of finding a new job was endless, do you think all of the sudden employers are going to bust open their wallets and make life easier for you financially? They will make you work longer for more money! They are the one's making money quick, your still living week to week at a dead end job, struggling to save some money.

I have heard people say they work for some very nice people, but complain about being broke all the time. Mister nice guy employer doesn't want to pay you even close to what you deserve, but yet they want you to know the business inside and out and solve every problem like you own the place! Then want you to feel so grateful they gave you a job. It as though no matter who you work for, that seems to be the mentality your suppose to accept. That's insane, your just some bodies doormat!

What about your own business? I know what your probably thinking, that's easier said than done. It's one thing to inherit money or you're a silver spoon taking over the family business. But most of us don't have a hundred thousand dollars to get something going. What are you going to do? Running a successful business is the only way to create financial freedom.

Many of us are no stranger to running the show for someone we work for and not being paid for it. Being appreciated might give you job security, but you still have to be able to afford at least the basic amenities. I've been used to many times my self and realized quickly, there had to be something I could do to legitimately start creating financial security and I was not going to give up finding that perfect opportunity!

I use to go to the magazine racks and search for those entrepreneur magazines and look through them top to bottom, There are so many things like machines that clean blinds, all sorts of vending type business, buy wholesale products and try and make a profit. I knew someone who went into vending and had a hard time finding a place for his machines without having to travel to far to keep them filled. It cost him twenty eight thousand to get into that, and it would take him forever to make that back. I decided to put my thought energy somewhere else, I was going to be my own boss no matter what!
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