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Don't believe all the hype about Apple iPhone

May 6, 2008
Of all the American inventions reviews about the Apple iPhone has been seen as a much hyped product of all. Although it has made Apple a tremendous amount of money it has also been suggested as one of the most reviled creation in the American history. Compared with Edsel. New Coke. Apple Ipod? Coke (which tasted just like Pepsi) Edsel (named after a draft-dodging member of the Ford family). People are apparently curious about the Apple iPhone it would appear.

How dose it compare with its competition?

One of the most popular viral videos since the iPhone's much-hyped 2007 release is that of a blender seller sticking in an iPhone and turning on the machine. This was to show off the strength of the blender, but also seemed to be a more than cutting Apple iPhone review by the blender seller. The fact that the video went viral and became so popular (more so than the blender it sells, the Blendtec) means that many others seemed to agree with this particular Apple iPhone review.

Sorry, Steve Jobs

Nonetheless hated, the iPhone has still made an unbelievable amount of money for Apple. Reviews of Apple's much-hyped new gizmo have recommended that this just might be one of the most hated merchandise in American history. Edsel. New Coke. Apple Ipod? Edsel (named after a draft-dodging member of the Ford family) and New Coke (which tasted just like Pepsi) it seems that, people are curious about just how bad a cell phone can be.

It begins, "Sorry, Steve Jobs, but I hate your effing iPhone" Although I can't reproduce any more of the review here. Perhaps not exactly Pulitzer Prize winning material It does give you all the clues about how good a device an iPhone is. The review can be found on Helium.com written by Cara Volle.

The iPhone device has been reported to disturbingly get actually very hot when in use. But most of the complaints about the iPhone come from its choice of AT&T as network carrier. The picture superiority of its camera is said to be poor and streamlining video still has a lot of bugs to iron out. Computer security experts have also found ways to hack into an iPhone - which means if they can do it, so can cyber criminals.

It is advisable to wait for at least a year after their release for these bugs to be resolved somehow. There are bound to be bugs that only customers can find when a new Hi-Tec device comes on the market.
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