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Running Your Business From Home Requires Discipline

May 6, 2008
When you decide to operate your business from home, although financial independence and the achievement of self reliance are just two of the top priorities in your mind, quite often you may experience a drop in your productivity level when working from home. What causes this and can anything be done about it?

In many cases when you work for someone else your productivity is a direct reflection of your peer group and you compare your output against others. However, when you work from home you often have no actual gauge of how your production is going, and this is why your levels may drop.

You may also find there are lots of distractions at home which you would not have to contend with in other workplaces. The TV on in the background, the phone constantly ringing, not to mention the quick glance at the internet whilst having a cup of coffee, can all steer you away from the work you are supposed to be doing.

But don't worry; help is at hand to assist you with this problem.

A good way to increase your production is to plan your day on paper. Write down what you hope to achieve for the twenty four hour period and make every effort to keep to your plan. You will find that some of the things on your list need quite a bit of time dedicating to them, whilst others will need the outcome to be more specific. You could try setting the more specific projects as daily goals. This is a better method to use than simply allowing yourself a certain amount of time to work through this section of your work as quite often you could finish the job much earlier if you concentrate on the end results instead of how much time it is taking up to get to that stage.

Your general attitude to working at home will also affect your productivity level. As soon as you get out of bed, take a shower and get dressed, just like you would if you were going out to work. This definitely alters your frame of mind and gives a message that it is now time to go to work.

Your home office should be a designated place just for work. Keep it clean and tidy and work with the door closed if possible so your business life does not spill over into your private life and vice versa.

You cannot expect to work alone all day long, so remember to take a break. Go for a quick walk or a drive. At least this way you will not feel totally closed in and you will still have contact with the outside world.

If working from home proves to be too great a discipline problem for you to cope with, then you could consider renting cheap office space somewhere close by to home. There are many buildings where you are not required to take on a full office area - you can simply rent the single room space you need.

Working from home without doubt requires discipline skills, steadiness and driving ambition. It can prove to be a super experience so start writing your list of things you have to do tomorrow right now!
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