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Passport to Wealth - Scam or Real Business - Overview

May 6, 2008
Home business opportunities have gotten bigger with the induction of a new comer to the Internet Marketing industry. Passport to Wealth offers a profitable investment through direct marketing to promote and sell products as well as having a number of software programs available on the internet.

With this software you can receive $75,000 worth of product for only $997 along with the right to resale them. This is a grand concept.

It is critical; however, to understand the product line as well as the salability. You will also want to research the downloadable products from shareware sites and if the products of Passport to Wealth uses the latest technology as well as the date of production.

2-Up & 2-Down Compensation Plan:

Passport to Wealth adopts "aussie two up" plan. It is a famous marketing plan. Passport to Wealth allows you to pay sign up charges and get the product for $997. Then, you have to work and try to make the first sale. After the first sale, you get a check of $1000. However, this goes to the sponsor who helped you to sign up in the Passport to Wealth.

The next step is to prepare for second sale. The initial two sales in online marketing are a bit difficult. After the second sale, the check being obtained again goes to the sponsor. This makes you clear, why it is termed as 2-Up plan.

So when do you actually make money? After the third sale you keep that money and you will also get money from the first two sales of anyone in which you sponsor. After a recruit pays you for their first two sales you are no longer eligible to receive money from them.

Once you are in the 2-Down portion of the plan you make money for yourself. You have paid your 2-UP to your sponsor and you are on the same page as competitors. This is true for your recruits as well. This will all be with sufficient support from the system.

Right Internet Marketing Concept:

An essential element to promoting genuine products is in right marketing. It matters little how genuine or great the products are you need to effectively promote them to boost your sales. This will more than likely come by way of advertising online.

If you have skill in internet marketing and understand the nuances of marketing products amongst the competition then Passport to Wealth will offer you great opportunities to make a lot of money. With a sound knowledge of the compensation play you can enjoy making money!
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