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The Effects of Plagiarism On Your On-line Marketing Campaigns

Aug 17, 2007
The Internet can be the most valuable tool when it comes to marketing your particular business or service. Content articles and article directories can be used to increase the amount of hits to your website ten-fold but if you are caught plagiarizing content, you might have to kiss your business good bye.

In the world of writing, stealing another writers words is just about equal to assault with a deadly weapon in the rest of the world.

Writers are very sensitive to their work being used without their permission and they are right to feel so. Finding out that your hard work has been stolen without your prior knowledge can be very demoralizing.

That is why under no circumstances should you ever use words that are not yours, without prior permission from the author.

If you are indeed caught plagiarizing content, there are many things that could happen to you. The worst thing that could happen is that you could be sued by the author of the piece.

Depending on the nature of the plagiarism, you could be facing a very large monetary fine and also the loss of your reputation in the business as a respectable writer.

Also, you need to keep in mind that plagiarism does not only mean direct word for word copying. If you take an entire article and just simply move a few words around and add a few here and there, you are still guilty of the offense.

It is especially risky because there are software programs out there that anyone can access that will show if their article has been plagiarized somewhere on the Internet. There is a buzz surrounding a new service that will allow you to search multiple articles at the same time.

Therefore, before you decide to plagiarize something, keep in mind that there is a good chance that you will eventually be caught and that your reputation will be tarnished for years to come.

Trying to find work as a writer after being caught plagiarizing is about as difficult as finding work as a school teacher after a child abuse conviction.

Although the two crimes are quite different in nature, no one will want to hire someone that has been caught plagiarizing content.

If you are writing articles to boost your own businesses Internet presence, plagiarism could be the absolute end of your business. After being caught plagiarizing content, your business name will be permanently marked in red.

The risk is just simply not worth it because the consequences can be monumental. Also, if you hire a ghostwriter to write articles for your website or for an article directory, it is incredibly important to check them for plagiarism before posting them publicly.

Since the article will appear under your name, it is you that will lose credibility. Of course there are some actions that you can take against the ghostwriter but none of them will make up for the lack of trust that your customers will have on you.

Twenty years ago, it was fairly easy to plagiarize content. The world simply did not have the proper software to be able to check copy quickly and efficiently.
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