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Six Easy Steps To Becoming An Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur

May 6, 2008
One of the premier vehicles of making extra money for any savvy webmaster is the use of affiliate links. As a successful affiliate of any number of businesses, it is up to you to promote businesses which may be either online stores or brick and mortar businesses with store fronts that offer products which might be of interest to the visitors who come to your site. In the past, you could tell who was heavily engaged in the affiliate marketing trade simply by the copious amount of flashing banner ads and pop up windows; at this point in time, marketing techniques have been greatly refined and the odds are good that many an affiliate marketer is marketing to you at this very moment perhaps without even noticing it!

Becoming an affiliate marketing entrepreneur in six easy steps is a good idea for any webmaster that is ready to enter the fray:

1. Understand the lingo of affiliate marketing. Like any other business it is fraught with abbreviations and whether you are dealing with PPC or PPS makes a huge difference in remuneration. Once you are familiar with the terminology, check for trends in these terms and you will most likely have a good chance at ferreting out what is hot and what is on its way out.

2. Craft a website that is not only user friendly but also search engine friendly. It is immaterial if this is a personal opinion blog site, an online magazine, a site that is created with the specific purpose of selling a good, or a promotional site for a celebrity. Whatever you choose to make the topic of your site, do it well, make the content sticky so that visitors will come back time and again, and then ensure that you go through all the steps of search engine optimization.

3. Entering the business as an affiliate marketing entrepreneur now requires that you find businesses with which you wish to affiliate yourself. The businesses should offer products or services of interest to the kinds of visitors your website receives and the remuneration scheme should be favorable to you. In other words, if you decide to affiliate yourself with a piano manufacturer who will pay $100 per sale, but requires you to have a $1,000 account balance prior to payout, you need to ask yourself how realistic it is to make 10 sales within a month or two. If this does not strike you as realistic, it is wiser to stay away.

4. Advertise your business and also the affiliate in newsletters, customer emails, and informative articles.

5. Track your success. Granted, most likely the company will do its own tracking of your sales and clicks, but it does not hurt to compile reports not only to double check for accuracy but also to explore trends and attempt new marketing campaigns.

6. Have the kind of flexibility to cut lose a program that does not perform. If one program is not making you any money, it is wise to drop it in favor of another one that holds better promise
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