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Work from Home: It's Pros and Cons

May 6, 2008
The plan of competing globally in line of becoming a tiger goal country was temporary set aside. The value of dollar gets flunked due to overwhelming mortgage crisis in the US. Americans are in big trouble, diving down deeply into debt and do not know how to get out before it's too late.

Looking back decades ago, livelihoods of the people are very abundant. Life was simple and the needs of the people were just to have enough to live a life with decency. Farmers were contented of the rice grain they harvest. Fisherman gives a wide smile even if they had a small catch of fish. Why? It is because all are in glory of man's living and family.

Today, individual seeks a well compensated job, of which could directly provide money for their necessities. Working home gives people who are much in need a chance to earn money right at the comforts of their homes. These provide them the time to be with their family and children. Working home gives many benefits also, to enumerate, you can be your own boss, you can work faster with no hassle and can submit on or before the deadline, working hours is very flexible, no need to commute just to get in touch with people you will be with. For instance, sales agent and most of all communication of the family member is never closed.

While in opposite to this are the consequences of home working. As human, we live with interactions everyday. We need to get in touch with our friends, classmates and neighbors. For these are the people that will help us grow with our day to day life. There is also a tendency of isolating your self. You could be of no difference with the people having their own world. Isolation connects also of closing a communication towards the family. Another consequence of home working, which gives weight, income is not guaranteed unlike with premium payments.

The key concept to remember, home working is not a way of welcoming more incomes but how an individual organizes his time and care responsibilities.

Self awareness and assessment are two important tools to consider involving the time, inner depth of the person and the employer of home working before the necessary assignments are carried. It should be clear and concise as to how the employee is being paid and how many working hours covered.

The safety and security of the employee is required and also be paid.
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