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XanGo Scam or Real Business Opportunity

May 6, 2008
A multi-level, international company known as Xango, LLC (Limited Liability Company) was launched in 2002. It is located in the United States in Lehi, Utah. A dietary supplement in the form of a dual-fruit infusion known as Xango Juice is the principle product promoted by the company. For around $37.50, you can get a bottle of the mysterious juice which contains an unknown amount of mangosteen juice.

Well known for the excellent opportunities they make available to their business associates, XanGo is an unparalleled company. However, it was not always this way. When the company first started it was caught in legal turmoil, which consequently caused some people to stay clear of the company. Now, going strong, XanGo is an exceptional, first-class online marketing company.

Xango products reveal the success of the company in the past few years. There are several testimonials and stories out there, to state that people have experienced enhanced health condition and increased energy by consuming Xango mango juice. In addition, there are individuals who have pleasured to become distributor of Xango product.

In May 2004, XanGo received a patent from the United States government. As a product of XanGo Goodness, a charitable program formed by XanGo in 2007, a "XanGo Goodness Meal Pack" was born. This meal pack contains several nutrients in the form of a soluble powder. However, there is no portion of mangosteen in this product. This charity was made possible by XanGo's yearly income of around $360,000,000.

From South East Asia, the mangosteen pulp is brought in to the United States for production. Xango is sold in the United States and also exported to many countries worldwide including Canada, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, and Mexico.

In 2003, sales of XanGo products were estimated at around $40 million. The following year in 2004, that number almost triples bringing sales to around $150 million.


The July 2007 declared that, it had around 5,000 distributors in Malaysia in its very first month and, hence is proposing to launch its network in other Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, Brunei, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Of late in October 2007, the company inaugurated its network in Taiwan.

With the usage of a nine layer multi-marketing strategy, the corporation which sells Xango Juice had distribution levels soar. In June 2006, the company claimed that globally they had around 350,000 distributors of Xango Juice. One month later in July, the Federal Trade Commission was told by Xango that the number of worldwide distributors had increased to about 500,000. In 2007 the corporation estimated having approximately 700,000 international independent distributors. In that same year, Xango stated that they had around 600 employees at their headquarters in Lehi. In 2008 a single serving pouch was available to purchase through Xango vendors.
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