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Choose a Niche Marketing Website that Will Increase Your Bottom Line

May 6, 2008
When you choose a website topic for your niche site that is tightly focused on a "sub" niche, you will have a better chance of making money with your niche website. Your website should be based on something that you love AND that will make you a profit. How do you do that?

First, You must do some research. Do some keyword searches on topics that interest you. WordTracker is a good place to do that. Choose a keyword phrase that has a high KEI for the most success.

Don't get distracted while you are building your website content. Focus on your chosen keyword phrase. Every article that you write and all of the content on your website should target that keyword. This is what a niche (or themed) website is all about. When you focus on a specific theme, such as terrier dogs, you don't have to compete with the websites that are about dogs in general. It cuts down your competition quite a bit and makes it easier for you to appear higher in the search engines.

Many newcomers to internet marketing choose internet marketing subjects as their niche. This may not be the best way to go. The general public is not looking for information on SEO; they are looking for information on an allergy, or a recipe or how to keep their teens away from drugs. Besides, the competition for Internet marketing is huge and is over-run by the "gurus."

Niche marketing takes a lot of planning before you even start creating your website. As I mentioned earlier, you have keyword research. Then, you need a product; probably several of them. You might want your own ebook based on the website topic or you might want to use affiliate marketing to monetize your site. There is also the option of using Google Adsense. A combination of all of these will reap the highest rewards. So, create a plan on how you plan to build content, monetize and promote your website.

You may also want to have more than one website. The good thing about niche sites is the ability to have more websites based on the general niche but narrowed down to a different niche. For example, if your first site is about terrier dogs, your second could be about Pomeranians. If you keep adding niche sites on the same general subject, you could end up with some very valuable internet real estate.

There's a lot of work involved in building a website. And, a lot of different things you must think about: your website topic, what type of website you want (HTML, WordPress, Joomla or some other script), your website template, your content, your product, etc. etc. If you have the money, you should contract some of this work out. There are several freelance websites that you can use to hire people to build your site, create your graphics and write your content.

So, are you ready to get started? Write it down into manageable pieces and take each step as it comes. Ask for help if you need it. And, go make some money!
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Jude Wright is the owner of the Recipe Script found at http://RecipeScript.com. Recipe website niches are among the most popular and profitable niches on the Internet. Pick up her new free ebook, "30 Day Success Plan for Your Recipe Niche Site" at her website.
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