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Affiliate Marketing Secret? No, Just Common Sense

May 6, 2008
While these tips are not really secrets, they do advocate the use of common sense. Many affiliates, who are hoping to make enough money to quit their day jobs, are over looking some of the steps that may be needed. If you plan on taking the shortcut to success you can easily find yourself in a section of past affiliates who eventually gave up when they were never able to see the fruit of their labors.

Pre-Selling - Taking the link given to you by your affiliate program and placing it around the internet will not make you rich. You will be lucky to receive even one commission check from it and you are more likely to be labeled a spammer than an affiliate.

Everyone who engages in online money making will tell you the same thing, get your own website. This website will allow you to have articles and other content necessary to bring in visitors and potential customers and it will help to keep their attention focused on the topic at hand, instead of an ad.

Targeted Traffic - Buying traffic from websites may or may not work depending on the company and whether or not you will be receiving real visitors to your site and not bots. Something else to consider is that you should be looking to target specific traffic niches. If someone is looking information on kittens, they probably will not pay attention to your site that has information on cell phones and electronics.

Unique Content - Another common sense rule that is often ignored is the use of fresh content. Taking articles from directories or stealing it from online will only hurt in the long run. First your website will suffer when the search engines gives out their duplicate content penalties and next the people that you have stolen content from will not be pleased.

They can write to your web host and even your internet provider to complain about their stolen content. It is really not difficult to write a few articles and you can also find online writers who you can hire. Remember that unique content is one of the ways that you will eventually receive targeted traffic.

Affiliate Links - Leaving your links unprotected can allow thieves to replace it with their own affiliate codes. Applying cloaking capabilities is not difficult and it can help you boost your commissions by stopping thieves and others from benefiting from your hard work.

Free Stuff - Everyone loves to receive free items and they are likely to signup to your newsletter just to get that free ebook that you have advertised. This will help you to grow your email list so that you can get back to your prospects as well as sending them fresh newsletters to peak their interests.

Marketing with Articles - Receiving links via article marketing is a well known solution and most online business owners have been applying this technique for years. There are tons of article directories but you should search for a list of the best ones. Submit your fresh articles and fill in your bio page with your information and website link, to get one way links back to your site. It' free, simple and will boost your sites rating in a few short months.

Link Trades - Some affiliates and web site owners will purposely look past the obvious link trades. Some feel that if they shared links with other sites, they will be sharing the success. The benefits of link trades besides your rating and search engine optimization techniques is that you can receive new visitors from the other sites you have traded with. Another bonus is that even when someone searches for a particular website, yours can come up in the first few results pages simply because you have a link to that other website.

Trying many different ways to boost your affiliate sales can be difficult and at times tedious but it has to be done. Cutting corners means that you will not be as successful as you would, if you had only taken the time to do all the positive steps needed to be a top money making affiliate.
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