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Concepts In Business Card Design

May 6, 2008
Business cards make the commerce and industrial world go round- meaning there is a large emphasis put on their use. If business owners and tradesmen are to be successful, more thought should be put into the composition of their business card.

Only a decade ago it was common to have only a few colors when considering the composition of a business card. This was due to the simple fact that printers were limited in what they could do, not to mention that printing costs could be quite high in older times. But today, printers are much more advanced and can produce true color images on business cards with little cost- something all businesses should take advantage of.

Although it isn't necessarily new, the prospect of using raised lettering on business cards has always brought a sense of texture and appeal to business cards in general. The process involved a technique called thermography, which typically used heat in order to give the raised appearance. This is often an inexpensive option as well.

Gilded lettering and other glossy effects on text or the background of business cards also seek to bring attention to the card in question. These options are usually more expensive than other options such as multi coloring or raised print, although they do indeed do a better job at attracting the attention of the viewer. In most cases, a little extra money can go a long way.

The classic rectangle shape that the business card has came to be is also starting to become history. Newer and flashier designs will use bevels, grooves, and even entirely different shapes in order to attract the attention of recipients. These reshaping techniques will likely cost more on average as well, but again, sometimes the price is more than worth it.

There isn't always a need to follow crowds when it comes to business cards. In some cases, using exotic materials with a business card's design can mean all the difference. Obtaining custom carved wooden cards, metal, magnets, or even cloth all turn heads when presented. It is always sure to bring more attention to the card, although the prices are always drastically higher than the normal business card.

Technology has given the business world an interesting upgrade in many respects. Business cards can now be circulated on special CDs that retain the shape of the classic rectangular business card. Other "cards" are actually just wirelessly transmitted to other devices via wireless technologies- and don't cost a thing to distribute!

In the end, the business card community has come a long way in the past few decades. Thanks to the advances in technology, getting hundreds of flashy business cards is no longer a budgeting concern. Instead, it's a matter of finding out the best ways to appeal to customers- whether via formal and flashy effects or through technological advances that seek to accomplish the same goal with less expense.
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