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How to Balance Internet Marketing with Home Life

May 6, 2008
Parents are often plagued by more work at home pitfalls than those without kids, just because kids bring a new element into the mix that stirs up more opportunity for interruptions and sometimes means less space is available for the work area.

The first thing you want to do when trying to balance your home life with your Internet marketing business is carve out a space that is dedicated to your internet marketing endeavors. It doesn't have to be a lot of space - as long as you have a corner spot to place your computer and other online accessories that you use.

It's best if you can have a space where you can go to work on your Internet marketing ventures without distractions, but this isn't always possible. If the noise is too much, you might consider setting off-peak hours, such as working only when the rest of the household members are in bed and you can concentrate on what you need to do.

Many Internet marketers love the flexibility they have in working from home and on the 'net. If the kids have a soccer game, you're free to shut down the computer and take off on a whim. If your spouse wants to take off for a weekend, then being an Internet marketer allows you to take your laptop with you and log on to check in from anywhere there's an Internet connection.

If you're just now considering an Internet marketing business, and want to find an option that will deliver the most balance to your home with the least amount of intrusions, then you might consider affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one Internet marketing option that lets you simply work on driving traffic to someone elses site. Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to start earning money on the internet. You simply research and choose the product or service you want to market. Clickbank and Commission Junction are 2 sources where you can find affiliate products to sell. Sign up and start promoting.

It's absolutely the safest, fastest, cheapest way to get started. You won't have to worry about setting up systems, creating a product or website, or dealing with outsourced services.

Make sure when choosing an affiliate program that it is paying at least 50% commission.

The real key to successful affiliate marketing, and one that most don't do' is you must have a squeeze page. A squeeze page is simply a site you drive your traffic to. You offer a high quality free report or eBook in exchange for their name and email information.

If you are not capturing their names, before they go to the affiliate's sales page, then you are missing out on massive future sales. When you capture their info, you can start building a relationship with these customers, and potential customers, in order to make back end sales that are essential for your success.

It takes an average of 5-7 exposures before people will buy, so collecting their information and building a relationship should be your highest priority.

Even if you do create your own product, you should know that once a launch is complete, the system should allow for more balance because information products are more or less automated. Your site is set up to automatically process orders and deliver the buyer to a landing page where they download the product.

Balance will come about through time, so take all precautions to automate your systems and outsource tasks to others. Patience and consistency are critical for your long term success.
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