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Stop Blaming Vending Machines For Overweight People

May 6, 2008
Is there a connection between heavy individuals and the availability of vending machines? While it is true that they are found everywhere as well as very convenient what people choose to buy out of them is their own choice. How can you hold the industry responsible for the food choices people make? Yet there has been enough of it in the media and even in the courts to make it a concern.

Yet no one is forcing individuals to put their money into vending machines. There is nothing mandating for this to happen. They are definitely a convenient way to get food, drinks, or snacks. Yet it is up to the individual what they buy from it. They may choose a soda over a bottle of water. They may choose a candy bar over a granola bar. It is unreasonable to expect vending machines to only have foods that are good for you.

Statistically, even when a vending machine does have healthy foods in it, people will choose something else. This is common when there are many items to choose from in a given machine. There is no way to force a person with a weight problem to get a bag of peanuts over a chocolate bar. You also can't make children get juice instead of a soda when they are on their own and spot a vending machine.

Many schools have been removing vending machines though due to complaints by parents and community members. They feel that if the students don't have access to the junk food in them they will eat a healthy lunch. Yet may students bring junk food and pop to school in their own lunches. Older students go out and get fast food for their lunch hour.

Those schools that continue to allow vending machines are making changes though. They want the students to make better choices. Therefore they limit the access to the vending machines. Students can't buy from them during lunch or between classes. They can only do so before and after school. This means sales are going to drastically drop and so are profits for the person who owns that vending machine.

This is a prime reason why the owners of such vending machines voluntarily move them. They just aren't generating enough money from the sales to justify the machine being in place. Since the school is closed for three months out of they year the sales volume needs to be high the rest of the time to compensate for it. When those sales are limited even further it just isn't cost effective.

At some schools as well as other locations, the change to only healthy items offered is being looked at. Students will only have access to healthy drinks and snacks in the machines. It is an effort to help them make better food choices. The goal is to also reduce the scenario of them only having fattening foods and drinks to choose from when they approach a vending machine.

There really isn't any connection between heavy individuals and the availability of vending machines though. The problem is that society needs to put more of a focus on a healthy overall diet. Fingers need to stop being pointed and their needs to be responsibility in the homes. Choosing a healthy lifestyle with healthy foods and plenty of exercise is a personal choice.
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