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Serving Appetizers At Your Restaurant

May 6, 2008
What type of appetizers are you offering your customers? If you aren't offering them at all you may find it is a good way to enhance your restaurant. After all, hungry customers can become irritable. That ten minute wait for their food can seem like forever. If they have an appetizer in front of them though they will be less likely to be keeping track of how long they wait for their entree.

There are establishments out there that offer various appetizers to customers as a courtesy. Mexican food locations are the most common with their baskets of chips and homemade salsa for dipping. This can be a part of the meal that the guests eagerly look forward to when they come in. You may need to set limits on such free items though so guests don't take advantage.

You also want to offer a wide selection of appetizers on your menu. There are many you can choose to feature. Some of the common ones include hot wings, quesadillas, deep friend mushrooms, nachos, and cheese sticks. You can also have assortment appetizers too with a combination of several different items.

In order to encourage sales of your appetizers, you should have visuals on the menu. Seeing what these delicious foods look like will encourage customers to order them. When a person is hungry the picture of food can really wet their appetite for it. You can even have a separate menu sitting on the table with only your appetizers.

The wait staff needs to be encouraging guests to order the appetizers as well. After taking their order they can say something along the lines of promoting them. Asking the guests if anyone would like to order an appetizer is a very simple way to do this without being pushy. You may be surprised at how many guests will decide to place such an order.

The appetizers need to be processed in the kitchen as quickly as possible. If the table receives them too close to their full meal it can be annoying. This can prevent them from ordering appetizers the next time they come in. You also want to make sure there are plates offered for each person at the table. Most guests will be sharing the appetizers so this is a nice gesture.

Along with the delivery of the appetizers needs to be everything the guests could need. One person may order it, but everyone will likely eat it. Offer small plates for each person at the table. This way they can all share the appetizers as they desire to do so. They need to have access to utensils, napkins and everything else they need to enjoy those appetizers.

If you aren't offering your customers any appetizers you really should consider doing so. This is a great way to help them have the ultimate experience at your restaurant. It can help keep children quite and comfortable too while they are waiting for their food to arrive. You will also notice it is great way for your restaurant to make more money than before.
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