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Google campaign management: Advanced Settings

May 6, 2008
One reason a lot of advertisers on Google Adwords may not be efficient, is due to lack of knowledge of the different options available when setting up a campaign in Adwords. You might be familiar with basic features, like the keyword tool but are you aware of the more advanced features

Here's a short list of four options in Google Adwords management that you may not be aware of, more importantly, how to use them to maximize your ROI. Every one of these options determines how your ads will be viewed and thus has a major impact of how much money you spend on clicks.

1. Manual bidding - the setting was formerly known as "set maximum limits". This is how most Adwords accounts are set up. What this allows you to do is set the maximum out you willing to pay, per click, for any keyword in your campaign.

2. Conversion Optimizer - if you're already using Google conversion tracking, this feature is available, if you have enough traffic and sales. You decide how much willing to pay for an "action" to occur, and Adwords adjusts your bids for you automatically.

3. Budget Optimizer - With this feature, you simply tell Adwords how much money you want to spend every month and then leave your account alone. Adwords will then automatically manage your account to generate the most possible clicks within that budget.

4. Preferred cost bidding - this allows you to set what the average price you'll end up paying per click. Google ad words will then adjust your bids to ensure that the average price you pay across the entire campaign is near the amount that you plug in. This doesn't mean that all of your bids are going to be the average amount or less, it's a true average. Half the bid amounts will exceed your average and half will be less than your average.

If you are looking to maximize profitability from your Google Adwords campaigns, the best option to select is the manual bidding option. One thing you have to remember is that not all keywords are worth the same.

Manual bidding will allow you to identify which keywords are profitable and which suck, and adjust bids up and down based on performance. Manual bidding is the only option that allows you to do this.

Using the Budget Optimizer is probably the biggest waste of money out of the options that we've covered so far. It's really a lazy way to Adwords and you pay for this laziness. Simply selecting a monthly budget and letting it roll, will only ensure that your money is spent, not that you get a decent ROI.

Using the conversion optimizer and preferred cost bidding has its place, if you know what you need to pay to stay profitable.

These are four of the advanced options in Google Adwords that are mostly unknown. Use them wisely and maximize your profitability and ROI!
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