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Successful Direct Mail Marketing

May 7, 2008
For those who start up a new business, marketing and advertising can seem almost like a foreign concept. It's not always easy to find a marketing technique for your service or product that your business is trying to sell. What may work for one business won't necessarily work for another. There are many options such as flyers, newspaper advertisements, infomercials, and many other forms of advertising that can be extremely expensive and might not be right for your business. One type of marketing that has proven results is direct mail marketing. If you are not familiar with what direct mail marketing is, it is a very common type of direct marketing that many businesses use to reach out to their existing and potential customers. This is not a new technique by any means; it has been used for years so it has been proven to be quite efficient.

Direct mail marketing is a lot like the name implies; you market your business directly to customers or potential customers with the use of postcards or letters. This isn't simply a drive from house to house marketing technique in which you shove advertisements in people's doors, but a professional means of advertisement that will help get your newly emerging business noticed or pump up your already existing business with new customers. Before you just start mailing out letters or postcards to every house in your area, there are a few things to know in order to make the most of your direct mail marketing campaign.

First of all you really need to have a great product or service that you can market. Next comes finding a way to position your product or service that will make it interesting to customers. Once you have that figured out then you need to decide what medium you are going to use; letter or postcards. This decision will have a lot of impact on how successful your marketing campaign will be. It might be wise to do a little research into your community to see what catches the attention of potential customers better. After you have made a decision you just need to have your letter or postcard designed in an attractive and eye catching manner that is sure to get your business going. After everything has been printed out you need to do a little more research and find the best demographic area that you should target your direct mail marketing efforts. Once you have a specific area targeted you need to develop some sort of mailing list.

If you have chosen to send out a letter instead of a postcard you will have another step to follow before it can be mailed out. You need to decide what exactly you are going to include with the letter in order to get the attention of customers such as coupons, incentives, or any other inserts you wish to include for your business. Remember that whatever you are sending out needs to grab the attention of the customer so they don't simply throw your efforts in the trash. After all is done you just have to take note and watch your response rate, then repeat again with any improvements that you can think of.
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Hal Lewis is a writer for Direct Mail Company MBI-Directmail, who are based in Florida. They specialize in Direct Mail Marketing and Direct Mail Advertising.
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