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Methods For Getting Referrals From Inbound Calls

Aug 17, 2007
There are four proven correlating techniques, which will greatly improve your ability to refer products to clients. This will not only increase their ability to operate, but also your favorable relationship with them, improving the profit on both sides. It will form the basis of a strong relationship.

1.Win customers over. You want to impress the client at the beginning with your excellent customer service skills. Show them you are interested. It is very important people feel they are being listened to. You can do this by addressing them by name, taking notes in order to not have information be repeated several times, saying please and thank you, taking control of the situation once you have realized what they are asking for. Take control by asking specific questions in order to pinpoint the need.

2.Your associates must know the business inside and out. They must know the procedures and policies of your business and how they work. They must know about all the products. Give them accessible information and the tools to access the information. It is very important that they give accurate information, because misinformation will lead to errors in the flow of business and result in problems later. These situations can be resolved in the beginning with accurate information. It will save money for all involved. At times you may take an immediate loss in finding a better fit for a customer. However in the long run it will provide them with a great service and retain the relationship. In the end it will be more profitable.

3.You should have data or statistical information about clients. Have spending information and sales information. This helps assess what might be good for the customer. Always reassess their needs. Analyzing this information is just as important as what the customer has to say to you. It will give clues as to the way the business is headed. You must remember you are the one supplying the service. You are the expert and that is why they are coming to you. Do not be afraid to offer suggestions that are valid and helpful. Explain why you are offering certain products to help them.

4.Command the referral
Avoid any weak language like, would you like, do you think, may I ask you a question.
Use words such as help, protection, benefit, qualify, assist, enhance, stimulate, and growth. Not only is it important you use strong language, but you must follow through with actions. The actions are more important than the words.

In Conclusion
Using these methods will put a smile on the face of your customer, creating new opportunities and retaining relationships, which are healthy and strong.
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