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A Guide Into Individual Development Plans

May 7, 2008
Nearly all businesses have a policy to keep the performance of their company thriving. Objectives need to be met, goals need to be reached and financial success is always key. Part of the method in getting to that level success stems from the individual performance of staff and personnel, which is generally completed through appraisals and individual development plans. These are normally done on a monthly basis and require much attention to employee's performance.

Completing and individual development plan will help those on senior levels to monitor the input of all employees and see how this is affecting the company's success rate. Many performance related appraisals focus on what the employee is finding difficult at work, where they can improve and the steps they need to take to improve. Employees generally feel that this helps with how they handle their workload and are assigned tasks to reach their own personal goal.

This then raises the question of who coaches the managers and senior level employees. External agencies and coaches are made available to people in management and directorial positions, this is tailor made for them to build upon their leadership skills, including confidence building and stress management. As management structure is predominantly concerned with supporting their staff, it is equally as important for the management structure to be managed themselves.

Normal individual development involves identifying any necessary training needed for the individual, plans for improvement in the role, any personal issues regarding the work environment and providing feedback to the employee regarding their performance within the company. These are all part of performance appraisals which in turn come under the individual plan for development. A performance appraisal is completed every 6 months or annually.

Agencies that specialise in management coaching and training help to establish an objective of the management structure, which focuses on working upon budget cycles and business planning. Furthermore, the coaching is aimed at developing management leadership skills. There are only a small number of people who possess natural leadership skills; however, most people do not possess this skill. Therefore, training is given on a regular basis to develop this skill in leadership, which takes practise and understanding to make perfect.

In this case, the staff and the management structure have specific training goals, which will help in the improvement of the performance of the business. This is an annual process and one that requires a short amount of time to complete and process through, without this development planning businesses are unlikely to perform well.
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Anna Stenning is an expert on individual development having worked in a company previously that would regularly monitor staff.
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