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You Should Avoid Affiliate Scams

May 7, 2008
It is very true that a lot of affiliate marketers are making huge amount of money every month. As a result there are lots of people who would like to work in the field of affiliate marketing. Yes you have the chance to make a lot of money when you work as an affiliate marketer. However, there are a lot of affiliate scams out there.

Of course there are also a lot of good programs. To this end the ways to avoid affiliate scams will become very essential. Certainly, one of the ways is to join really famous affiliate programs such as Commission Junction, Azoogle and Ebay. However, there are some cases that you may want to join a program which is not so famous. And you should bear the following points in mind if you do not want to be scammed.

By doing researches, you will be able to avoid affiliate scams. First of all, you can investigate the program itself before you join it. Does it provide supports to the affiliates? If not, you have to be very careful. Normally a good program will have lots of supports to the affiliates. These include tips to promote the products, banners, some may even provide free website templates.

Another thing you need to check is the affiliate system. It is very essential to have a real time tracking system. You will need this system to keep track of your earnings. All good programs will provide such system. An affiliate program without a real time tracking system is not worth joining, even if it is not a scam.

Now, let's discuss how you can do your research. You may first of all join some webmaster forums and read the treads and posts in the forums. Of course you may also search for threads that are discussing about the affiliate programs you would like to join. You need to read all the comments about the programs. You can assume that the program will not be a scam if the comments are generally good. However, you have to be careful at this point. If the good comments are all submitted by one single member of the forum, most probably it will be just some kind of promotions.

It is not difficult to avoid affiliate scams. The key is to do your research. You should never join an affiliate program without any research. Of course you may stick to the famous programs if you do not want to take the time to do the research!
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