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Web Marketing Strategies Profit BY Applying A Top Web Page Design

May 8, 2008
You don't have to be an expert at design to follow these simple tips to making your web page more appealing. The first thing people notice when they click into your page are the colors. When putting together your color scheme, make sure it is consistent throughout each page of the website. When deciding on colors, consider how they make you feel. If someone has visited your page, you don't need to go bright, they are already there. Too much color might be overwhelming. Try to keep the colors nice but not forefront over your product. Choose colors that highlight your products, and go along with the theme of what you are selling.

In addition to the colors being consistent, the theme and layout should also remain the same throughout the site. This is part of your image and you want it to be consistent.

Try to avoid creating a web page that people have to download components to view your page. The easier your page is to navigate, the longer people will hang around. This doesn't mean your page has to be boring. There are plug-in's that are common you can use. Some of the more common are Shockwave, Java, and Active X.

Avoid using components that require the user to download plug-ins to view. You can probably expect someone to have a Flash, Shockwave or PDF plug in, and a Java Virtual Machine is all but standard these days but anything that requires a download and install is a barrier to entry. On a similar note, recall that usability is king on the web. Don't overuse special effects and images; waaay too many web sites out there look cluttered because they have a bajillion animated GIFs strewn about, on top of a flashy (and unreadable) color schemeusually with an annoying piece of music running on a constant loop in the background.

Choosing a good theme, colors and layout will compensate for avoiding some of the more fancy options. Keeping my page consistent with the use of common plug-in's and limited effects, is of great benefit with smart web marketing strategies and will be for you too if you implement it.

Because content is king, invest early on in tools that make updating and maintaining your content easy, whether it's as simple as a Wordpress blog, or a full on content management system like DruPaul. Use cascading style sheets (yes, they're a pain to set up), because they make changing the look of your site a lot easier down the road. Most of those sites that look like they date back to ancient medieval times do so because changing them is a hideous amount of work.

Focus on your content; it's why people are coming to your site. Focus on navigability; a good index and clearly stated intentions will do wonders for repeat visitors, and make it likelier that you'll get repeat visitors. When writing content, avoid jargon, and speak in nice, clear sentences. Sure, you can say that the CSS manifold space explificates the eigenstat of the user interface experience but if your eyes glazed over on that, imagine how a whole site of that would read.

Maximize your audience potential. Focus on clarity of communication above all else, and focus on human readable web pages. A lot of internet sites focus on Search Engine Optimization to the extent that while web spiders get lured in, human readers hit the back button fast. It's your information that's pulling people in and making them read the site. Cater to that. Lastly, update, update, update. Remember the mention of a content management system? The purpose of that is to make sure that you can update the site painlessly and easily, and give people a reason to come back. Always be on the look out for a new informational value add for your site which is one of the top web marketing strategies.
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