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IT Project Management Training: Filling The Gap

May 8, 2008
If you were to ask top management officials in the big information technology services what their biggest daily challenge is, the reply you'll get from most of them would be "project management". Although the success of any information tech project is only as good as the project manager who maintains efficiency in the operation, IT project management training has historically been given low priority.

Software and Information Technology projects differ considerably from classical construction projects; accordingly, effective training for an IT project manager should reflect those differences. As one example, in many cases IT projects comprise differently skilled workers located around the world. Training to manage an information technology project must reflect this and other differences between IT and "brick and mortar" projects.

Most colleges do not offer specialized majors in project management. Courses exist on the subject but to get an actual degree in the field is rare. Because of this, it is difficult to hire and place personnel directly into jobs specifically about project management. Because the success of a project is often directly related to the skill of the project manager, companies need to be sure to increase IT training for project management so that new personnel are educated quickly and efficiently.

Strategies covered in project management training that centers on software projects include time scheduling, task allocation, management information, and total quality management. Modules of such training courses should cover organizational behavior, communications strategy, employee engagement and motivation, and other related subjects to help the project run smoothly.

To start any IT project management training, it is important to build a solid understanding of software engineering processes. New hires are usually trained in the software firm's management style. They gain an appreciation for processes and protocols that are there for smooth integration of work with a distributed global delivery system.

Project management taxonomy training will also be provided to the workers. Having workers well versed in project management taxonomy allows the firm to more readily standardize their project management efforts. To ensure senior managers are aware of new ideas and practices in the project management taxonomy field, a firm may want to hold refresher classes from time to time.

When beginning IT project management training, it is necessary to develop a strong understanding of the software engineering process. New employees are usually trained in the management style of the software firm. This allows the employee to better understand the protocols and processes that allow for a seamless integration of work in a global delivery model. There is a difference in software project management training from other project management training for instance construction management project training. Different personnel spread across the world can work on a single IT project. The students also receive training in project management taxonomy.
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