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May 8, 2008
When a student graduates, he or she often faces intense and constant pressure to find a steady job. The smart ones, however, focus not just on a job, but on a future career. It isn't that people usually make the wrong choice, but with an economy heading towards a recession, many graduates put off long term career planning to grab the first job available to them.

\When starting a career search it is imperative that you determine in the beginning what your passions and interests are. You may not know what they are so a using a career search may be useful as it will give you many choices and options to choose from. As an example, say a graduate student is proficient in mathematics. Would he/she be as passionate about a career in engineering? Or would he/she be able to have job satisfaction by being a math teacher?

At this point, it is necessary to engage in some career assessment. What sort of person can assist you in performing such an assessment? An excellent alternative is someone who has had career coaching development, both the training and the experience. An assessment counselor can give advice as to various professional options overall and also as to the specific responsibilities involved in each and the personal and professional rewards that can be achieved.

The career coach can help candidates in their career search by assessing their current abilities. What will a candidate have to do to train and prepare for a chosen career, given his or her current skills, knowledge, and experience? The answer can be anything from interning with an organization to studying further.

Seeking out companies and organizations that offer such paths in career development would have to be your next step in the career search. You can get to know about the functioning of an industry by visiting job fairs and talking to employers. Potential employers will be sufficiently impressed with you and you also end up developing some strategic contacts.

The Internet offers a wide range of resources and provides copious opportunities that can be applied to a career search. Some of the available information includes biographies of individuals working in the field and the latest advances. Even better, much of this information is available free of charge and is easily accessible from your home computer.

The lucky few think beyond a job and focus on a career. But in an economy that is receding, some, if not most graduates put off career choices to grab the first job opportunity that comes along. A career search comes up with a whole range of available options. This makes career assessment an absolute must at this stage. The coach should also have undergone some career coaching development. Such a coach can give all the broad career related inputs to a young graduate, including a detailed sketch about the responsibilities and returns offered by each path.
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