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4 Ways To Drive Targeted Traffic To Promote Your Affiliate Products

May 8, 2008
Traffic is essential if you want to make money online with affiliate marketing. However, not all traffic is good when you are promoting an affiliate product. You need to drive target traffic so as to increase your sales conversion rate. So what do I mean by targeted traffic?

For example, if you are an affiliate of an online florist which sells flowers in Singapore. You decide to use Google Adwords to start driving traffic to your landing page. However, not all keywords related to flowers will be useful. People typing in "Singapore Flower" may wish to know the flower that represents Singapore. On the other hand, people typing in "Online Florists Singapore" will be more likely to buy flowers online. So even though there will be people clicking through your ads that bid on the keyword "Singapore Flower", they may not be the targeted traffic that you are looking for.

Now, let me share with you 4 ways whereby you can start driving targeted traffic to promote your affiliate products:

1. Google Adwords. Google Adwords allows you to place advertisements on Google, by bidding on selected keywords or key phrases that you think your target consumers may type as search queries. If you bid on the keyword "online florist", when searchers type in "online florist" in Google, your advertisement will appear on the right hand side of the search result page of Google. Adwords can be the most effective way to drive targeted traffic to promote affiliate products, as long as you choose the right keywords to bid on.

2. Write articles. When you write articles about the topic that is related to the product that you are promoting, you are attracting readers who are interested in that subject to read your articles. If they like your content, they will visit the link in your Author Resource Box and find out more about the product that you are promoting.

3. Create a blog. You should create a blog with information related to the industry that you are in. For example, if you are into the forex niche, you can set up a blog and share your knowledge on forex with your readers. If you provide quality content and your readers start to trust your expertise, they will be more receptive to any forex products that you are promoting to them through your blog.

4. Forum marketing. This is another great way to drive traffic and promote affiliate products. However, do not ever think of registering to a forum and start posting a thread to promote your products directly. This is called forum spamming. You will not get any affiliate sale from this. Instead, join a forum that is related to the product or industry that you are in, and start to contribute valuable pointers to the forum. As your reputation starts to gain in the forum, members will visit the link that you place in your signature and you are now driving valuable traffic to your website.

There are still many other great methods to drive traffic when it comes to affiliate marketing. The 4 methods above are my favourite as they work very well for me. Hope that you will be able to see good results from these 4 methods too.
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