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How to Get Paid to Prospect, Even When People Don't Join Your Team!

Jackie Khor
May 8, 2008
Internet marketing is not about having a fancy website with a product description and an order button at the bottom of the page. No one buys that way, do you?

As mentioned in the previous lessons, the sales process is normally a complex one with many components working seamlessly together.

What you need to realise is that people come to the internet to search for FREE information to help them solve their problems. They are rarely looking to buy your product or anyone else's. Therefore, you must create a mouse trap (capture page) to give them what they want which is the free information in exchange for their contact details, or they will not even click through to your page.

You drive traffic to your website by promoting free information they want via various advertising media. As traffic arrives, the first page (aka - landing page, capture page or squeezing page) they see is integral. It must grab their attention right away and deliver on the promise of the ad that brought them there in the first place. If what you offer is not what they want, they will leave your website immediately and you may end up losing money in some cases.

If they like your free information, you request for their contact details such as name, email address and optional phone number for them to opts-in because they are curious to see what is on the other side. This is essential, as this is how you will be able to contact them in future to build a relationship with them.

Once you have their email address, you give them the free information they requested, and then continue to email them with useful educational information that will help to establish a trusting relationship with them.

Leaders Give Without Wanting!

If a good trusting relationship is established, your subscribers will stay on to read your emails. In time, you can make them aware of new products they can buy to solve their problems. Notice, we are not selling like salesmen, rather introducing solutions to their problems.

People usually only buy from those whom they trust especially online. In order to build a solid relationship and maintain that relationship, you need to demonstrate that you have THEIR best interests in mind. The last thing you want to convey to them is that you are after their money.

The Money is In The List.

Your List and Your Relationship with Them is Your Business.

The Fortune is in the Follow Up.

This is a marketing business. This is the single most important concept in marketing especially online and many businesses fail to see this.

Whether or not they buy, you continue to email them with valuable content on how to fix their problem using an auto responder - the tool you use to send your prospects free information. You use this opportunity to establish yourself as an "expert" in the newsletters.

You already know that they are interested in what you have to offer. Sometimes it is a timing issue. So, it is your chance to demonstrate your expertise which will further cement you as an expert in their minds and they may be ready to purchase your product or service.

While you don't want to make the newsletters sound like tasteless sales-pitches, at the same time you must be brave to call to action by enticing and reminding your readers to purchase your product/service to get even MORE value from you.

Keep adding to your newsletter series. The more info you have, the more likely you'll catch your subscribers at the "right time" when the timing is right for them to purchase your product.

The fastest and the most profitable downline building is "retailing" a high volume sales inexpensive information product such as Magnetic Sponsoring on the front end to fund your advertising and increase your cash flow instantly. Recruit later. In this way, you can afford endless advertising which means you can generate endless leads and thus you can sponsor more distributors.

The big earners in networking industry are retailing books, CDs, MP3, leads, websites and training all day long. They are collecting cash from CDs, courses and website subscriptions. They are selling their MLM on the back-end because they know it takes time to grow a downline.

Look, it is much easier to make $500/mth retailing through direct response/direct email than it is to build a $500 residual recruiting.

It is easier to turn those retail customers into reps when a relationship is in place. Even if they don't join, you make money every day as you provide them information that is beneficial and useful.

Everybody wins. Thus you need to find inexpensive affiliate system what is congruent to your primary business to earn you cash fast without taking too much effort away from your primary focus.

Here is how I use the Magnetic Sponsoring system to help me build my primary business which is your primary goal too.

1. I joined Magnetic Sponsoring as an Affiliate member. That allows me to set up my Magnetic Sponsoring back office which I will go more into details outside of this series. This gives me several links which I could promote including the following:

A. Landing Page which is the Magnetic Sponsoring replicated site. I cloak it to show my own address in the address bar of the Magnetic Sponsoring replicated site. This is a very important step to take in order to protect your commissions.

B Create a good generic domain name via a domain seller. There are several out there in the market. I use GoDaddy. A domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make when designing your marketing campaign.

C Find a web host to serve your own WebPages on the net. I use Host department for my web hosting.

2. I endorse the various products of Magnetic Sponsoring by advertising which will get me in touch with other network marketers and people looking to start a home business. I just introduce myself via email or phone call when they opts-in to my capture page and Mike Dillard from Magnetic sponsoring will take on from there to promote on my behalf.

3. As of right now, you have 5 to choose from for your lead generation capture page:

i The "10-Day Magnetic Sponsoring Boot Camp"

ii The "MLM A-Bomb"

iii The "MLM Traffic Formula"

iv The Black Belt Recruiting Formula

v The "Building On A Budget"

These are generic "solution driven" pages that you advertise to generate leads and contacts, and it is the gateway to your marketing pipeline. Each time someone opts-in to any of the above capture pages, they are added to the contact manager in your magnetic sponsoring back office, and are essentially a new lead that you'll want to contact ASAP.

4. The Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter. Mike delivers a state-of-the-art auto responder. Every day for ten days, your prospects will receive both video and text-based email. After that, the newsletters are delivered less frequently but have valuable content that will benefit your prospects.

The system retails for you 24/7 automatically, putting money into your pocket.

The great thing about Magnetic Sponsoring is that you can keep doing what you're doing to promote your current MLM opportunity (which is your primary goal), but now we will just enhance that process with the retail power of Magnetic Sponsoring.

The Magic of Retail:
When your only products are from your MLM business, you aren't making a dime unless you sponsor a new rep or turn them into a product customer. That's just a given thing, and it is the reason why most people spend themselves right out of business.

Try selling 5 vitamin bottles a day. You may not know enough people to do that everyday. So do I.

Well, Magnetic Sponsoring changes all that for you and your entire team.

Now, the great part about this process, is that the Magnetic Sponsoring System does all of the selling for you. It is automated, and doesn't take your time away from your # 1 priority focus which is to build your primary business.

Your focus on your primary business which is to recruit, teach and mentor. You earn 50% commissions on all the sales of the Magnetic Sponsoring products.

For example, you earn USD 20 from each Magnetic Sponsoring (MS) course.

a. If you spend an average $4 a lead, then you only need 1 person out of every five to pick up a copy of MS to cover your advertising cost.

b. If you spend an average $2 a lead, then you only need 1 person out of every ten to pick up a copy of MS to cover your advertising cost.

Remember, the Magnetic Sponsoring course is just the beginning. You earn commission of $25 for Building On A Budget, $60 for Black Belt Recruiting and $200 for M1M Traffic Formula.

Let's say, on average, your prospects buy 30 pieces of MS per month and that is $600 in commissions.

Of those 30 prospects, 5 of them buy MLM Traffic Formula, and another 5 buy Black Belt Recruiting, that brings you $1,300 in commissions giving you a grand total of $1,900

This money will solve two of your main challenges in network marketing business.

1 It pays for your overhead costs.
2 It increases the number of prospects in your rolodex which you can use to promote your home business.

Mike and his team are continuing working on releasing new products to keep up with advanced technology changing fast with people who do business on the net. His latest additions are Building On A Budget and Black Belt Recruiting which will enhance your social networking skill.

His goal is simply to help you ( of course he will make money too) make extra money to pay for your products and advertising expenses so you can continue to learn, grow and build your business.

Sound good? Magnetic Sponsoring also gives you the ability to meet with other home business owners because of its "neutral ground". It is your reason to initiate that relationship and maintain it even if they are currently building another opportunity.

This is the success formula of the MLM Masters:

Retail profits from generic information product = Free Advertising = Endless leads = Endless business growth.

You see, this business is a Numbers Game. More so today than ever before because of the net. You must have a marketing system and ability to work with big numbers in order to succeed. If you don't have enough money to market or advertise enough, you don't have enough people in the pipeline to sort through to find leaders for your organization.

Now here is the great part. You can have this system for minimal cost to help you to market enough to sort through enough coals to find the diamonds. You need an escalator (a marketing system) to rake in the coals (leads) to put on the elevator (pipeline) to sort 24/7.

Majority of people who pursued home businesses don't know how to market. These strategies turned Mike's career earning millions of dollars each year. I started with Mike a few months ago and I can say the profits I made have covered my overhead expenses and thus I have the leads free.
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