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Managing For Dummies: How To Reach The Top

May 8, 2008
Management by the "seat of the pants" that used to suffice in the pa and ma world of business will no long suffice in today’s high-tech business climate. Modern executives need a great deal of training in the use of modern management techniques in order to efficiently utilize their workforces. Management coaching programs are one option to provide them with the necessary skills. Another choice is one-on-one business coaching using a professional coach. Other managers still prefer to use books and online resources for self-training.

One of the most common sources of self-instruction is the "Dummies" series of how to books. You can get them on every topic from calculus to cooking and now there is one for managers. Managing for Dummies is the new go to book for new managers trying to learn the ropes. Seasoned managers can hone their skills and find tips on how to troubleshoot problems. Managing for Dummies offers easy to understand, practical information for all levels of the managerial ladder.

"Managing for Dummies" makes no assumptions about what you already know, but also avoids a condescending tone. The witty writing makes up for your embarrassment at not knowing a lot of the basics of managing employees, and you’ve got a well-written, funny, step-by-step description of what it takes to be a good manager.

The ability to use delegation as a survival skill is one of the book’s important points. Attempting to do it all instead of using a staff that has been chosen well is one of the greatest downfalls in the workplace. The job of hiring and choosing your employee must be understood by managers.

Teamwork is the wave of the future as companies are discovering that more and more specific problems as well as the successful implementation of new or changed policies are handled better by team effort. Skill areas that are covered are conflict resolution, employee coaching, team development, and joint effort.

"Managing for Dummies" puts particular emphasis on communication skills. The reason this is important is that a manager may be intelligent and innovative, but without good communication skills, it is difficult for them to motivate staff and get them to do an exceptional job.

Adaptation is a key skill that managers must possess, especially when events, deadlines, and changes occur. Bringing along others through a period of adjustment and helping the team adapt is also a highly necessary trait for managers. Also discussed is dealing with office politics and maintaining ethical standards in the corporation.

Another skill that is addressed by this book that is critically important in managing, but often difficult to achieve or uncomfortable, is the proper evaluation of both individual employees and the company as a whole. The book gives proper perspective on constructive performance criticism, proper rewarding of performance, as well as weeding out those who no longer meet the needs and expectations of the company. As with all of the ’Dummies’ line of books, this one gives fresh perspective on the basics of this topic.

Part of the "Dummies" instruction book series, "Managing for Dummies" is an excellent source for learning how to run a business and be an effective manager. Regardless of whether you are a rookie manager, or an experienced veteran, this book breaks down the importance of using teamwork and better communication skills . It also explains the importance of finding well-qualified task and delegating work tasks to them. This book offers a self-study method which can augment traditional one-on-one business coaching. A vital tool in management coaching, this book utilizes an easy-to-read and well-structured format.
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