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Things You Must Do To Optimize For Google

May 8, 2008
When you set up a shop you need customers to be successful. Every person that walks in through your door is a potential customer. The more traffic you have through that door the more chance you have of making sales. On the internet it is the same. To get that traffic to your site you either advertise using PPC and or optimize your site to get search engine traffic.

In order to get the traffic you require to run a successful internet business, you need search engine traffic. To get this traffic you need to be listed in the first 20 listings. The first 10 really needs to be your goal. This is the first 2 pages; Here are some thing you need to do.

Choose The Right Keywords

What keywords to use, that is the question. You need to look for keywords that have a good number of searches each month and not too much competition. Too much competition will make it impossible to achieve your goal of achieving the top 10 listing in the search engine results.

Long tail keywords are better than a single word. A long tail keyword is a phrase made up of from 3 - 5 words. Some words are very popular. Take for instance "Internet Marketing". If you did a search on this you will find that there are thousands of searches each month. You will also find that it has far too much competition. Your chance of getting your site listed in the top 10 using this keyword would be almost impossible.

Here's how to optimize your site

Of first importance is your page title tag. This tag is very important as it is used by Google in its search results. This tag is used in each of Google's listings.

The keyword phrase that your research has shown is the best to use should appear near the start of the tag and if possible again later in the tag. It MUST be used at least once in your title tag.

It is also important to have a unique title tag for each page.

Using an XML Sitemap can be helpful. It does not directly impact on your search rankings but it will help Google more quickly see changes in your site.

Robots.txt is also very useful. This is the first file the Google Bot will look for. It will also help eliminate 404 error pages.

This has been just a few points that will help in getting your site into the top 10 to 20 of Google. There are many more things we can and should do. They will be the subject of future articles.
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