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How Do You Write A Sales Page That Converts

May 8, 2008
Nearly all people have no idea how to compose a squeeze page that converts into sales. Rather, they throw together components that they've seen applied in other squeeze pages - but normally don't put them together in the same fashion that the owner of the productive and converting squeeze page did.

One major problem is copy. And that's fine. Not everyone is going to be an excellent writer - never mind a copywriter. But as someone selling a product or trying to build a list, it is important that you know your strengths and weaknesses - and that you either spend the time to overcome them or hire someone else to do it for you.

With copywriting, for instance, it is important to use a mix of compelling sales points with powerful psychological triggers. Most people who create a sales page miss either one or both of those elements.

For instance, they might concentrate so much on building hype that they don't actually explain what solution they are providing - and for whom they are providing it. If I don't have a specific problem that your product solves, why would I buy it? I wouldn't.

Now, if they neglect to sprinkle in psychological triggers, such as "scientifically tested," "guaranteed," and "shocking," no one will feel compelled to keep on reading, as the benefits will have a low or mediocre perceived value.

Another problem is that some sales pages lack coherency and direction. They fail to conduct the reader to an obvious conclusion. It needs to gradually break down the readers natural resistance and slowly bring them forward to compelling him or her to buy more and more at each sales trigger point.

Additionally there need to be multiple calls to action,-another psychological trigger - so that the reader feels compelled to take out his credit card and purchase.

As you write your copy always focus on your reason for writing; that is to call your reader to action. At each sales trigger you need to have convinced your reader a little more.
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