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Do Free Ebooks Give You an Advantage

May 8, 2008
To be successful in any business one has to have a strong marketing plan. Whether you do business online or not you still need to market your product. Many ebooks are sold daily.

Selling ebooks doesn't really require much of a physical effort, but one has to give it a lot of exposure. Until and unless the readers are not aware about your ebook, they will not download it.

Once your ebook is ready, you need to give it a lot of exposure. If you are a new writer, you can give your first ebook for free. However giving away free ebooks will still require a good amount of marketing skill.

Before you start marketing of the ebook, remember that the content of the ebook should be interesting and written well. The title has to be very catchy and attractive to grab the attention of the readers.

Remember your title plays an important role to make the reader download your ebook. If you are the author of the ebook, try to write original content. Though you can take permission to use content of other writers, remember original content is always considered first. Try to be creative in writing the content.

The best way to advertise and market your ebook is the most frequently visited websites. When you market your ebook it should be easily read by anybody and in any format. Do not have a specific format for your ebooks or you may lose most of the readers. It is highly unlikely that everyone has all type of software to download the ebook. Try and have as many formats for the ebook as possible.

You can put in ad of other business owners in your ebook and in return ask them to put the ad of your free book on their website. There are many free ebooks directories on the Internet; you can add your free ebook in the directory.

Market the ebook on niche sites. Realize your target audience and accordingly market it on the websites where you will have access to your target audience. For example, if your ebook contains articles on gardening, you can post your ebook on the gardening page or a similar site. People interested in gardening will surely browse through these sites and your ebook will get a chance to be exposed to the target audience.

Market your free ebooks in a unique way. There are hundreds of free ebooks available on the Internet. You have to make your ebook stand out. Try to write reviews and blogs of your ebook and put on the high traffic resources. If possible you can send out flyers to the target readers along with the link for your ebook.

Though you are spending much time and effort for the free ebook, remember you are creating a long-term market for yourself. The next time you want to sell your ebook or even give it away free, you will not have to do much of marketing, as the customers will themselves find out about your ebooks, if you have managed to impress them previously.
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