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Customer Service Tips For Your Pizza Restaurant

May 8, 2008
There are some pizza shops with a great location and great food, yet no one wants to eat there. Often, the reason for that is poor customer service. Customers want to be treated with respect, and if your employees don't do that, many customers will simply take their business elsewhere.
Here are some tips for providing outstanding customer service.

* Greet the customer immediately. As soon as a customer walks in your door, they should be acknowledged in some way. Even if it's just a quick, "I'll be right with you", that let's the customer know that they have been noticed, and that service is forthcoming.

* If there will be a wait, say so. Whether the wait will be for a table or a to-go order, let the customer know that up front, without them having to ask. Give them the option of waiting or not before they have already wasted too much of their time. Yes, you may lose a sale tonight, but the great customer service will likely bring them back again. If you leave a customer waiting too long without saying anything, you will most surely lose their future business.

* Watch your tone and facial expressions. This is tough, but it's important. You and your employees need to be careful about how your words and facial expressions could be interpreted by a customer. Keep smiling, even if they are taking too long to place their order. Avoid curt, one word replies. For example, if the customer asks "Do you have pineapple?" the reply shouldn't be "Yup." Instead, something like, "We sure do, and it's really fresh" is more appropriate.

* Be diligent about providing needed "extras" for to-go orders. It's so frustrating to get back to the office and realize that you don't have a napkin or a fork to eat your salad. Be diligent about providing all your customer will need. Ask them before they leave, "Do you have all you need?" An annoyed customer is much less likely to be a repeat customer.

* Be willing to apologize. If you are out of a menu item, if your customer has had to wait, or if your customer is unsatisfied in any way: apologize! Apologizing doesn't cost a thing, but it can go a long way in making an unhappy customer a loyal customer. Customers want to know they are appreciated. A great way to show them that is to apologize when your business falls a little short. A discount coupon for a future visit is also a good idea.

* The customers are NOT an interruption. Your customers should NEVER be left waiting while employees are wiping the counter, chatting with each other or prepping for close time. You must teach them that customers are the REASON for their job, not an interruption to it.

* Demand (and reward) great customer service from employees. Consider setting up some type of reward program for outstanding customer service. If you observe your employee acting appropriately, reward them with some extra time off, or an instant reward of $5 or $10. Make customer service an important part of their training upon being hired, so that your employees will know exactly what you expect.

Great customer service can help you overcome mistakes in other areas. You'll be surprised how easy it is to create loyal customers when you offer an outstanding customer service experience.
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