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Do You Avoid People Who Are More Successful Then You?

May 9, 2008
Have you ever:

* Felt intimidated by a woman more successful than you?
* Turned your intimidation into a reason to avoid her?
* Conjured up flaws she must have to make you feel better?
* Decided you couldn't tolerate her but you didn't know why?
* Or, all of the above?

We don't necessarily hate highly successful men because many of us expect men will sometimes be more successful. It feels like the world is set up that way. But when it comes to another woman who's achieved success - watch out!

As part of a new venture, my business partner Stacey Hall and I, occasionally conduct free teleclasses introducing people to MasterMinding and showing them how it works. More importantly we show them how it can help improve their business and change their lives for the better.

After a recent introductory teleclass, I got an email from a woman who attended. I'll call her "Debbie." She said, she'd love to join a MasterMinding group, but wouldn't want to be on a weekly call with one particular person. I was stunned.

The person Debbie was referring to was a woman who contributed to the conversation appropriately. There was nothing off-putting, offensive or rude in what she said. However, it was obvious she's been quite successful.

I asked Debbie to explain. She replied, "That woman purposely made everyone else on the teleclass feel 'bad'." I could feel the hurt and bitterness in her words. "I've worked very hard in my life only to get screwed over and over again," she continued. In Debbie's mind, any woman doing better than her is purposefully out to make her feel bad and take advantage of her. She was extremely intimidated and put off by the other woman's success. I felt sad for her - because her "lack mindset" and belief will surely hold her back no matter how hard she works at her business.

She clearly has challenges with her self esteem and confidence level - something MasterMinding has helped countless people overcome.

If you believe anyone successful views themselves as "better than you" - you're putting yourself in a lower position. They didn't do it - you did.

Additionally, it will be far more difficult for you to be successful. Why? Because deep in your mind you may believe all women who succeed only want to make others feel bad and take advantage of them. Of course, if you're a nice person, a person of integrity, a person who cares you'd never do that. You've just created the scenario where you've blocked yourself from becoming a successful woman. Your negative beliefs about the women you connect with who are successful effectively block you from achieving success yourself.

Have you ever put down another person and the only REAL reason was because they were more successful and it made you feel uncomfortable or jealous? Doing that, even in your mind, assures you will never enjoy success.

Imagine if instead Debbie said to herself, "Y'know, it might be a little challenging at first being in a MasterMinding group with a woman more successful than me. She might live in a bigger house, or travel to enticing places and make bigger business deals. But maybe being around someone who's achieved more than I have can help me learn and grow."

If you decide not to feel bad about another woman's success (which is within your control) you can enjoy a wonderful, positive connection.

Several years ago I had a MasterMinding partner who was a millionaire. She was highly successful. She was extremely supportive and gave me a tremendous amount of support, encouragement and tips. I finally asked her what she got out of MasterMinding with me. We were both equals as women, but when it came to business she was clearly in the stratosphere. She told me she saw me as a person who was highly successful in relationships. That was one facet of her life where she had challenges, needed support and she felt she could definitely benefit from me. I was floored. Never assume just because someone else makes more money that you can't help them improve their life.

It's empowering and fun to be part of a MasterMinding group made of a mix of people from a myriad from highly successful to just getting started. With an open mind and heart you can and will benefit from all of them. Simply be ready to accept the gifts that come when you are happy to receive and you know we're all blessed in our own unique way. We all have good things to share.
About the Author
Denise Michaels is author of the business bestseller, "Testosterone-Free Marketing" and Founder of the MasterMinding for Success® program. To discover more about how MasterMinding groups can help you achieve your goals and enjoy more time and money freedom go to http://www.MasterMindingforSuccess.com
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