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Your Marketing Message Must Be Real Clear

May 9, 2008
Making money with an internet business requires that an exchange take place. This is normally some product or service provided in exchange for money. For that to happen, both parties of the transaction must become aware of each other and then a determination is made as to whether a "sale" occurs. How to become aware of each other and their respective motivations is covered in a multitude of advertising and marketing literature. Underneath what we can see and touch is basic energy, which is even more important according to Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale.

On one of the recordings that he made for the Liberty League and in its accompanying workbook, Bob Proctor talks about how we need to be absolutely clear about the messages that we are sending to our potential customers. If we talk about what is best for the customer but at the same time are thinking about just wanting their money, then we will not be successful. If we have conflicting intentions, then this will be picked up by most of our potential customers and we won't be able to close the transaction. However, when we are truly sincere, at all levels, in wanting to help out customer succeed then the likelihood of a successful transaction increases immensely. Either way, our customer will pick up on the positive or negative vibrations that we are emitting and will react to them, even if they do not consciously know it. Good sales literature also tells us that we will be successful only when we can provide something that the customer will perceive as being beneficial to them. Bob Proctor defines this as being something that will provide them an increase or avoid a decrease. This increase or decrease may be financial, but it could also be in health, power, prestige, or anything else important to the customer. Our job then is to point out how our product or service can meet the client's needs.

Joe Vitale, in his book Spiritual Marketing, goes even further than this. He says that when he wrote a sales letter to offer a service that he didn't believe in, he barely got any replies. When he wrote a sales letter for a software product that he did believe in, he got staggering results. Joe Vitale explains that everything we produce (e.g. cards, letterhead, flyers, sales letters and ads), or hire someone to produce, all carry our energy in them. People who receive the marketing product will sense it. If there is good energy from positive intentions, your prospects are good, but if you are just going through the motions of trying to get money in the door, then the transmitted energy and your prospects are not so good. Joe Vitale quotes Sandra Zimmer, who runs the self-Expression Centre in Houston: "Advertising is important. But it's the energy you put in the ads that does the work. It's really the Law of Attraction at work". So if we do not believe in the product or service that we are selling, we are best to cut your losses now and move on to a product or service that we can believe in. When we do believe in its value and ability to meet customer needs, we should pursue this with vigor.

If we feel good when we are writing and compiling our sales information or talking to people about the value of our products or services then we are on the right track. If we must exaggerate, mislead, or cover-up information, then we are avoiding the truth and no good can come from that. Be honestly proud, not embarrassed of whatever endeavors that you pursue and, in the end, only good results will accrue.
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