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May 9, 2008
Blogging to increase your online business sales? Well, that's what a blog does if you are able to drive traffic to your blog. so, how do you do that?

Here are some tips.

1) You have to consistently post new content to your blog. This is what the search engines love and by all means, give them satisfaction by adding posts to your blog.

2) Ping your blog to ping-o-matic every time you create a new post.

3) Of course, after you create your keyword posts (at least four per day), submit to the search engines, that is, My Yahoo!, and Google's Reader. By submitting your own blog RSS, your blog will get indexed.

4) Other than the giants of Google and Yahoo, submit your blog to as many search engines and RSS directories as possible. Traditional directories like DMOZ will improve rankings with Google. This is an easy but troublesome process because of its repetitiveness, but it is worth doing, if you take into account the traffic that you will get.

5) Leave constructive comments on other blogs such that readers will wonder and visit your blog.

6) Participate in relevant groups in Google, Yahoo and MSN so that you can network with like-minded people there. Don't forget to use your blog url in those groups.

7) Try to tag your website in sites such as Technorati that has a feature which enables you to place your articles under tags that everyone interested in that tag can see.

8) Trade links with other sites as this will definitely drive traffic to your site.

9) Register your blog with Blogrush.com as this is the fastest and easiest way to drive targeted readers to your blog. You will have your posts automatically promoted on related blogs across the internet.

10) Let everybody in your country know of your blog by publishing in newspaper ads, flyers and such.

So, you can see that there is a fair bit to do to drive traffic to your blog. Some people might be deterred, but just think of what blogs can do to your online business.

a) It can be promoted to millions of international prospects without you having to put in extra costs.

b) You will have instant exposure to leads with similar interests as you.

c) You will have a mini no-cost advertisement by leaving a remark on other people's blog.

d) Your blog will increase your main website search engine rankings and subsequently your web presence.This is because it constantly publishes fresh content (by you- that's why it is important that you put in the effort to write short articles and publish it)

e) Your blog will reduce your precious time writing emails to prospects.

All these factors will result in more visitors to your website. So, don't wait for another day, visit any online companies that offer free blogs and create one yourself. if it is too burdensome to do it yourself, then by all means hire a computer wizard like a school student majoring in computer studies. believe me, it will do wonders to your internet business.
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