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Internet Marketing And The History Of Beefalo

May 9, 2008
What happens when you are just too tired to keep marketing your website? We all find ourselves at that place from time to time and it can be hard to simply muster the energy to think about marketing let alone do something special with the idea.

As an illustration let's go back to a blizzard in 1886. The state of Kansas was hit hard and multiplied thousands of cattle died in the storm. Charles Jones had seen enough. He knew that buffalo herds could survive these types of conditions so why couldn't the best traits of a cow be commingled with the best traits of the American bison and the resulting offspring provide greater resistance to harsh winter weather.

While Jones experimented so did ranchers in Canada who had also watched as many cattle died in harsh winter storms.

The best experiments led to beefalo in the United States and Cattalo in Canada. These new breeds were indeed more resistant to harsh winter conditions. The animals also featured meat that contained less cholesterol and overall fat content while providing all the traditional flavor of beef.

More than a hundred years have passed since the idea was first conceived and beefalo remains a marketable product. Sources are limited, but the small industry continues because a man by the name of Jones saw a need and worked to find an answer. Those who consume this meat indicate they can't tell a difference from beef, but the health benefits of beefalo have been significantly documented.

A few hearty entrepreneurs believed in the possibilities associated with a new marketable product and there remains a remnant of individuals who still push for expanded markets for the products associated with these hybrid animals.

The idea is simple. If you have an idea keep pushing forward. Your idea will not improve by refusing to talk about it.

Marketing is simply the desire to share your good news with others who may benefit from that news. Ranchers pushed for years for the acceptance of beefalo and they may still have a ways to go to sway national and international consumers, but the point is they didn't give up marketing the idea in more than 100 years.

If you're not moving forward in marketing you are falling behind. If you're not pushing into new markets you are likely losing both present and future customers. If you're not willing to grow you are telling those who might be persuaded to become customers that you aren't all that interested in your own product and by default you are not interested in their business.

Good news is something that needs to be shared; yet for some entrepreneurs the notion of business keeps them busy enough they forget to share good news. They forget what it was that led them to any success they may have already achieved.

If you have an idea that needs to be shared then, guess what, it is your job to share it. Your idea will help no one if they don't know about it. Who will tell them if not you?
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