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Internet Marketing - Don't Be Afraid Of Your Message

May 9, 2008
March 15th is Maple Syrup Day in the United States. June 15th is World Juggler Day. And did you know that October 15th is National Grouch Day.

How do these unusual holidays come into existence?

Well according to the most reputable sources I can find an unusual holiday must be registered and sponsored. This can be done through an organization or done by resolution through a local municipality. There are literally hundreds of official 'days' celebrating the unusual, the practical and the emotional.

Usually the best anyone can hope for is a scattered remembrance of the day or perhaps someone mentions the event on a radio show or in the newspaper. However we wouldn't celebrate any of these days if it weren't for marketing (I guess that might mean some groups need to market their days a little bit better).

Someone has to come up with the idea. The idea is shared with others. A group decides the day is important or wacky enough to put their stamp of approval on it and then they have the idea registered. That idea is published and the individual who came up with the idea along with the group who supported it do what they can to make others aware of the auspicious occasion featuring events like Responsible Dog Ownership, National Good Neighbor and National White Chocolate Days.

What may seem frivolous to some is really an incredible lesson in the need to market whatever idea you have. If you have an online business don't be afraid to market it.

I came across a site the other day that had an interesting approach to marketing. The site apparently was dedicated to gaming. One of their marketing slogans indicated that if you'd recently won the lottery they would be happy to let you throw your money away on their site.

At first glance this would seem to be a poor choice in marketing. After all who wants to intentionally throw their money away? However that slogan will actually appeal to the gambler that feels as if they can beat the house - especially one so bold as to suggest they are capable of winning so easily. Some will gamble on this kind of site just to try to prove they can win. Others will visit out of sheer curiosity.

It may be an unorthodox way to promote the site, but apparently it works for this company.

Be dedicated to the pursuit of solid marketing. Find a memorable slogan, logo, branding statement and Pay Per Click (PPC) phrase and locate more places to place your marketing message than you think you need.

In radio, television and newsprint there is a phrase called "Saturation Marketing". This type of marketing takes an ad and fills pages or airtime with the marketing message. Experts indicate not every reader or listener will pay attention to everything that is heard or seen, but if you flood the media with your message the constant impressions will make an impact.

While you may think you're overdoing it in the marketing department you might actually be at a place where your message is just beginning to have an impact.

Too much marketing? I don't think that's ever been done.
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