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Forex: When currency makes you money!

May 9, 2008
Welcome to an easy to understand review of Forex Killer and its most elementary principles. This is the first part of a very basic introduction which I will complete over time. If you are interested in Forex Trading and wish to learn all about it, this place and my website at the bottom of this article will be an ideal place to start!

Forex, the art of buying or selling money! Any one who has ever been on a foreign trip has had experience with currency trading.

The value of each currency when it relates to another is what the Foreign Exchange is all about. If the foreign trip you take is Europe for example, you would have to take some of your dollars and exchange them for Euros.

So, for example, you would need 1.58290 USD to purchase a single Euro, which is a representation of what the Forex market really is. The value of one currency unit against another and what one has to pay in order to buy or sell it!

Since transactions are between two currencies at the time, they are also called "pairing". The fact that it took 1.58290 USD to purchase that Euro can be translated in forex terms as: EUR/USD at 1.58290. What happens when Euros are used to purchase Dollars is just another "Pairing" only this time it is reversed. For example: USD/EUR at 0.631671.

Whenever the USD is not involved in a "Pairing", it ceased to referred as pairing, but rather as a "Cross" rate. For example, a Japanese traveler in the market for Euros would be able to acquire said Euros at the rate of 161.178 JPY, or EUR/JPY at 161.178

What ever your level of expertise, Forex Killer makes it easy for you to quickly become expert at making money in the currency market and thus ensure for yourself a substantial additional income which could very well surpass you current income in a very short period of time until you become one of the many Forex Killer traders out there who have made it big in this industry.

Whether you are an expert financier or a beginner, please allow me to hope that good fortune and luck guide you along the paths of your new venture. We have a lot of information about Forex Trading in our website below.
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