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Is It Time To Grow Your Business Or Nurture Your Business?

May 9, 2008
Your business is alive! Yes, like you, but there is a subtle difference, you need to be the hands, ears, and eyes for your business. You must know the state of your business, and what it needs at certain points in time. Does it need rest? Does it need food? Does it need water?

Now before getting a burger and putting it in your office, thinking the business will eat it, it won't happen! You business may not be alive in the sense that you are, but it does have same patterns as everything else. A business is born like a human, grows, matures and withers and dies. For most however, this is not something we realize. We don't see what our business requires at this present time.

We want to grow our business, but don't realize that it needs nurturing, to be stabilized and matured. Likewise, you may try to mature your business, and hope that it pays you, at a time when you need to invest in it.

This can make life complicated. After all, your business can not talk to you like your employees or clients can. So, how are you to find out what your business needs? The answer is awareness. You must become more aware of your business.

And why would you ever want to listen to your business? Your business like a tree knows what it needs. When there is not enough water, the leaves wither. When there is too much water, the leaves wither again. You must be the one to water the tree. You must be like a gardener. This is so, because a tree gives fruit, and your business is the one that pays you and others!

When your business is young, it needs constant care. It needs constant effort or watering. It needs weeding to keep the young sapling protected. And finally it needs your time and energy to grow that business. But all trees are different. You may have a shrub, a small tree, an apple tree, perhaps a sycamore. These all exhibit different growth patterns.

Now the analogy of the tree and the business is a good one. It helps us visualize, whereas thinking of simply your business can not always do that. If your business was a tree, then where would it be right now? Would you business be growing, would it be a sapling? Would you business be in maturity?

Often people will try to dictate the business. We hear words such as CEO - chief, and director, but none of these are about dictating. Like the president, who looks at the needs and then makes decisions and takes actions on those, an entrepreneur must operate in the same way.

This method of working will show you the health of your business. You will come to understand what is needed at this point in time. When you can take action in such a manor, you will find that ultimately you prosper. You business knows best, but it does not have the hands, ears and sight. You must serve your business.
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