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Staying home is what many will do in these tough times

May 9, 2008
Have you ever seen a country with so many amazing places to visit as America? We have the best places to escape and get away, jump in the car and take a road trip. I have been in every direction and still have not seen many of the wonderful things this country has to over. I am going to try and visit at least the top fifty national parks!

I like the chance to get away, go camping, fishing, boating, explore new shorelines, visit small towns along the way. Do some shopping, stop for lunch and just sight see and hangout. There are many places you can fall in love with and want to go back and visit again. Then there's those places you haven't been to yet, that tug at your heart and remind us were not getting any younger.

It's not the first time and it won't be the last time our economy slows down, maybe even a recession. I complain like everyone else, but we will get through it like always. Everything is going up in price because were getting gouged at the gas pump. So many of us are looking for extra work on the weekends to cushion the blow and pay off debt. It's hard to think about taking a vacation for most of us, all work no play.

I'm no stranger to this kind of lifestyle. Even when the economy was rolling pretty good and gas prices were a lot less, I was working full and part time. Even then it was tough to get away even for a week. I got tired of hanging out in the back yard, and once in a while get lucky to go away for a cheap weekend, before the summer was gone!

I was ready to sell everything I owned and just take off some where in a new direction. But that's insanity, I would run out of money sooner or later and when the cold winter wind blows, where do you call home. You need a warm bed to sleep in at night. I decided to search for a better way, there had to be something to create financial freedom without taking for ever.

After looking at several issues of those opportunity magazines, I started to look to the internet more often. I read some where how the internet has become the biggest industry to date and is making a lot of people very wealthy. That might sound hard to believe, but really is true. I was looking at things on the web every spare minute I had and eventually found something worth taking a look at.

Now what exactly were those people doing? From what I was learning the internet is just really getting started. There is so much potential, you could only imagine what is possible. But then I was also figuring out there is a lot of garbage opportunities and how to spot this quickly. People are ruthless, they will hound you only to try and sell you with no intention of helping you succeed.

This opportunity I found after a long look at many others, is a business like no other I have seen on the internet. It's pretty obvious the world wide web is here to stay. I really think it hasn't come close to even exploding yet! I wanted to make sure I was dealing with the best people who were willing to teach what they knew, and what they were doing themselves. I didn't want to waste time just making a few bucks here and there. In a few months I was making some darn good money and planed a trip to a national park called Acadia in Maine, the first two weeks in July. I'm back on the road again and can't wait!
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