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How To Make Money Online - Start with the basics

May 9, 2008
No doubt like me you have seen numerous adverts online that promote various programs guaranteeing you a millionaire lifestyle. Those yachts and Ferrari's are very tempting aren't they! But unfortunately despite what the adverts say you have very little chance of attaining them. The only people to get rich from those programs are the creator and the top 1% of affiliates.

If only internet marketing was as easy as the adverts make out we would all be rich. However this is not the case Internet Marketing is just like any other job you need to learn the basics first before moving onto the big stuff. Even if you get an honest recommendation for a product that has made a lot of money for someone else , it doesn't mean to say it will make any money for you. There are too many variables involved , for example do you have the necessary experience to use it to the it full potential?

What type of car did you learn to drive in? An easy to drive small car or a hard to handle Ferrari? What did you learn to cycle on a bike with training wheels or a racing bike? I am sure the answer is obvious as is the reason why. If you try to learn on something that is not suitable you lose confidence and never try it again.

How many times do you think you would have fallen of a race bike when you small before you decided that you would never be able to ride a bike ? Unfortunately Internet Marketing is very similar. If you have too many failures too early in your career then you'll lose faith in yourself and give up.

Want to know the best place to begin your Internet Marketing career?

Firstly you need to master the basics. Find out what niches are and why you should target long-tail keywords. Once you know some of the basics set out a plan of what you are going to do. Try a little market research , what is making people money. Work out what type of sites will suit you. Initially you will feel like you'll never master it but stick with it within a short will you'll be seeing your bank balance increase.

Try to resist buying every tool you see advertised until you have a firm grasp of what you want to do. There are far more free resources online than you probably realize. Make use of them, every cent you save now is a cent closer you get to making a profit.

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