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The Logic Behind Truck Advertising KPI Implementation

May 9, 2008
The advertising industry has certainly expanded in such a way that some people would even deem unpredictable. In the past, newspapers were just about the most effective means of advertising. Whether you were out to advertise jobs, houses, products, services, and just about anything you can name under the sun, it was already sufficient enough to turn to the typical newspaper company and take out an ad with them. These days, advertising has certainly evolved in so many unexpected ways. This is not just about the Internet becoming quite a popular advertising medium on its own, because it is actually quite reasonable to turn to the web for advertising as well. But transportation? More importantly, trucks? Yes, truck advertising has indeed become quite popular nowadays. In fact, more and more companies are experimenting with this particular medium of advertising. However, just how effective is truck advertising? How do you measure the effectiveness of this method when the medium itself is mobile and is implemented in the outdoors? Here then lies the importance of implementing truck advertising KPI.

Simply put, KPI or key performance indicators are quantifiable aspects that are used to measure the performance of certain processes utilized by a company in line with the achievement of corporate goals and objectives. In this case, KPI would be used to measure just how effective truck advertising is, especially when aligned with corporate goals and objectives.

Because it is implemented outdoors, truck advertising is understandable quite volatile. Companies making use of this medium actually have no say on audience selectivity. Yes, the companies do have a say as to the particular route the truck would take, to reach certain portions of cities or even the suburbs. However, companies still do not have control over the people who would see the rolling truck advertisement. There is still no guarantee as to what particular market would be exposed to these promotional materials. Thus, this should be one of the metrics to include when developing truck advertising KPI.

Another thing to consider is the high possibility that response speed being slow. Let us face it: when you are driving on the road, and you see a rolling truck with a huge banner or streamer advertising a certain product, would you really take your eyes off the road? Yes, if you are currently parked at the side of the road. But if you were on the freeway, then the chances of taking time to really look at the ad and read whatever information it has to offer would be close to nil. This makes response volume all the more difficult to assess. This is also one metric to include when developing a balanced scorecard for truck advertising.

However, if companies would take time to study the potential hot sites of the city that would most likely contain their target markets or audiences, then truck advertising could still work out here. But then again, conducting such feasibility studies would just bring more expenses for the company itself. The better option here would then be to determine the relevant truck advertising KPI to be used on your balanced scorecard. This way, with the right KPIs implemented, you can then make an in-depth analysis of this medium of outdoor advertising that you plan to use.
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