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Essential Components Of A Strategic Business Plan

Aug 17, 2007
The success of a business depends on how carefully all its activities have been planned and how well the plan has been executed. A cohesive plan helps to understand all aspects of the business and helps in the day to day operations. A business functioning without any plans will definitely not compare well with a business that operates according to a plan. Plans are essential tools for management and are vital for hassle free operations. When the business operates based on a carefully drafted and executed plan, there is little room for the management to be unpleasantly surprised. Developing a strategic plan is a necessity.

The Essential Ingredients
Defining the nature of your business and making your mission statements clear is the most important component of a business plan. Determining the ultimate purpose of your business and the goals of your business are essential ingredients for a strategic plan. Determine your firm's philosophy. Define it clearly, so that employees consider it when they make any decision concerning the company. Set goals and develop plans to guide your business so that it will achieve the target goals within a prescribed time. Once the goals have been set, planning and execution are necessary to initiate the processes involved in accomplishing the goals. Delegate responsibility and be certain that the duties are being performed. Make sure that the target set is realistic and achievable with the resources available to the company. Make sure adequate analysis and appraisals of the overall performance of the company are done regularly. Make necessary changes to help achieve the goals.

Analyze the industry's environment to find the position of your business within it. Analyze trends that may have an effect on your business such as the political environment, changes in consumer tastes, new technologies developing each day, and your competitors. Make use of management tools such as cash flow forecasts to help plan better and deal with any situation, ensuring constant cash flow. Use competitive analysis techniques to know your position in the industry and plan how best to utilize your advantages to achieve your target goals. Analyze your internal business administration and make sure that there are no unnecessary expenses. Finalize your plans and be certain that they will be executed carefully.

Additional Help
These are some of the essential ingredients for a strategic plan. When a capable person with good business acumen does the planning and the execution of the plan is done under this person's supervision, the plan is sure to succeed and guide the business towards success. There are firms that offer services and products to make the process of running and managing a business easier. This includes software that helps organize the company and keep it within government standards.
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