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The Question That Must Be Answered To Be Successful In A Home Business

Aug 17, 2007
Before I tell you about the question that must be answered, I would like you to think about how successful people become successful.

Thomas Edison was a successful inventor with over 1000 patents to his name. However, what most people do not know, is his success was based upon many failures. But to him, failures simply told him what did not work, and then he would try something else. One of his greatest inventions, the light bulb, was a work in progress for many years. He had to try many different items until he was finally successful. Even though the bulb itself was the same, the materials he used to create light were different. He saw the possibility of what a light bulb could do for the world and was dedicated to finding the solution to make it a practical and safe solution to the gas and candle light that people used.

So what is the question that will guide you in reaching your goals? It is really quite simple, yet most people who fail to achieve success, fail to ask themselves this all important question.

The question is: Are you doing the same thing today that you did yesterday, last week, or last year?

You might wonder why this question is so important. But when you think about it, if you're doing the same things day after day, you can not expect to get different results. Remember, Edison had to try many different materials as a filament before he finally had a steady, consistent and sustainable light. You and I are no different. We have to learn from our failures and keep trying different things to become successful.

Just imagine the light bulb as a business opportunity. What filament are you using that will make it shine? What different marketing techniques have you tried? What different prospecting ideas have you tried? Do you study the markets?

It is always within your grasp to discover what works for you. But, just like Edison, you will have to try different things to find success. If others can be successful in Network Marketing, so can you. It is not really that difficult. Just study and learn what they did and follow in their footsteps.

Now-days, you do not have to invent a light bulb to have the benefits of light in your home. You just buy the style you like, plug it in, and it works. You also don't have to re-invent ways to find prospects; you just need to find the style that works for you.

You know what happens when you turn the lights on outside at night? The bugs are attracted to the light. They simply can't resist it. With the right tools, you too can turn on the light that will attract others to you.

Advertising Strategies: Lesson #1 - The Basics

Before you can sell your product - you need a customer. Before you can find customers you need to determine the reasons they need what you have to offer.

As an example, a local dentist sends out every month a large oversized postcard to the surrounding areas. On the postcard are several cute little, fuzzy chicks. She states that she deals with people who are chicken to visit the dentist for any number of reasons. She even lists the reasons from bad painful experiences to the fear of the unknown. It's quite effective. I actually use her now as my own dentist specifically because she convinced me that she was able to take care of my dental issues without making hamburger of my mouth. Because of her postcard aimed directly at my bad experiences in the past, I was willing to try her. I have since sent a number of people to her for the same reasons.

So, what does your message let your customers know about you, your business, or your products? What do you want them to know? How will you get your message in front of them? What method works best for you?

Exercise #1:
Take a sheet of paper: Mark out 3 columns.
-In column one make a list of the benefits or features of your business or product.
-In column two, make another list of all the people who may possibly be interested in your business or products. (Not just family and friends, but categories of people).
-And in column three, make a list of all the ways these people can be reached. (Magazines, clubs, associations, postcards, direct mail letter, newspaper ad, radio, TV, online auctions, etc.)

Exercise #2:
-Highlight the top 3 compelling benefits.
-Highlight the people would benefit from those benefits.
-Highlight how you would like to reach those people.

Exercise #3:
Costing the project:
Your product and the list of people are givens. Now you need to determine the costs for the advertising to these people based on the ways you want to reach them. Will you giving samples, or additional information? If so, you need to know these costs as well.

Some additional things to think about: Unless you have a lot of money, radio and TV ads are probably out of your league to start with - though with the right ad you could do really well. Direct mail in the form of letters, postcards and flyers are a way to reach a large group of people, but unless your message is extremely compelling, most pieces will be thrown away with garbage. Clubs and groups may let you speak as an expert, provided they find your presentation idea of particular interest to their group. The internet is one of the fastest ways to reach people but you have to be able to distinguish yourself from the rest of the world competing for the attention of your prospects.

No matter what, you have to make your message as direct as possible to what your prospects perceive as a need or want. If not, they will simply tune you out. Think about my dentist and the benefits she provided on her postcard.

The most recent report from the Direct Marketing Association about response rates for different types of marketing was published for 2005. Their report stated that the average response rate to direct mail is approximately 2.3%. In order words, you mail 1000 postcards you can get approximately 23 prospects (not customers - prospects). These people responded to an offer - that doesn't necessarily mean they bought anything, just that they responded to an offer.

One of my favorite forms of advertising is direct mail (letters and postcards). In a recent postcard mailing we did in June, we pulled an 8.75% response rate. That is nearly a 400% increase over and above the market standard.

Marketing does not need to be expensive either; the postcards we mail cost an average of $.29 to mail. With the cost of sending a letter in an envelope or a flyer type mail piece the price goes up to $.39 each. Our postcard method racks up a whooping 25% savings over traditional mail pieces and pulls a huge response.

We did not use any special machines to do the work. In fact, anyone can do this. These are simply the same postcards that you can get from you local post office. What is important is what you say to your prospect.

Exercise #4:
-Get busy.
- Ideas plus action equal results.
-If you do not do something you will never see results.

Exercise #5:
-Test, test, test.
-And keep records of what works, just like Edison, you need to be mindful of the experiments. And the successes.

Now, go let your light shine.
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Kaitlyn Murray, web designer and marketing expert. A marketing expert for the last 10 years, teaching people how to focus on strategies that create financial success at http://www.dogwithnote.com . Making business so easy even a dog with a note can do it.
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