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How To Grow Your Business Working From Home

May 10, 2008
If you run a business from home it can often be harder to take it to the next level. Through efficient management, hard work, and dedication it's possible to harness the full potential of your business within the confines of your own home.


For a work at home business, outsourcing will provide an opportunity for you to create a streamlined company. Rather than employing an accountant, you can work with an accountancy firm for example. Through outsourcing everything else, you can focus on your core competencies. When you're trying to scale a business, it's imperative that you value your own time. If you're worth $100 an hour, then outsourcing something that saves an hour of your time is worth $100. Being prudent is important, but being too tight with your money can also seriously hamper the success of your company.

For a work at home business, outsourcing creates an effective route to scaling your business fast. You can use a company to perform the function of your sales department, an agency to do your marketing, and even a fulfillment company to handle orders if you ship tangible goods. While this creates free time for you to focus on the strategic objectives of your firm, it can also provide financing benefits too. You will often be able to avoid investing in infrastructure at too early a stage in your company's life cycle, helping to create a leaner balance sheet that'll impress potential investors and allow your company to handle fluctuations in demand.


Partnerships can often act as effective tools for entrepreneurs looking to scale their home business. If you can partner with a company in your market, consider allowing them to handle fulfillment while you handle the customer relationship. You could consider negotiating a discount rate with the firm where you mark up the price, or you could even propose an equity relationship too.


Software may create opportunities for you to save time. If you own a website for example, you could get your IT firm to link your sales into your accounting software. If this saves five hours a week, then it saves 260 hours of your time per year, every year, going forward.


If you run a business from home, it's up to you to choose when you work. It's vital you have the discipline to achieve what you need to do without giving in to the temptation of putting things off. That's why, if you can't discipline yourself, you should consider allocating a certain amount of hours to work each day. That way, you'll be able to ensure your business has a fair chance at achieving its full potential.


Being happy can play an important role in the success or failure of your business. That's why it can often be a good idea to ensure your family is happy with you working from home. If they are not, then consider setting aside certain times of the day as "working hours". This may help in making the divide between work and play easier for them to understand.
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