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4 Strategies to Boost Your Website Traffic

May 10, 2008
The number one thing most Internet marketers need is traffic. Without traffic how would you make any sales? It doesn't matter how great your website is. You could have the best headline and ad copy in the world, but without a sufficient amount of traffic you will not do very well. This article is going to reveal simple strategies that can be put into effect immediately. These are proven methods for getting targeted traffic flowing to your site.

Write articles. This is an often overlooked technique that does more than just bring traffic to you. It places you in the position to show your expertise and build trust in your prospects' minds. The value and the implications of this particular concept is often underestimated. People have to trust you or value your opinion if they are going to order from you. People will pass you by if they don't first feel comfortable with you. Submitting articles is a great way to "break the ice".

Here is what to do. Write a series of articles relating to your market niche. Distribute two articles per week to major ezines such as ezinearticles.com or goarticles.com. At the bottom of the article you are allowed to have a signature (or bio). You can include a small amount of information about your website and a link to your homepage. If people like the information you give them, they will click the link and visit your site. This is why it's important to provide useful, high quality information. People will only want to visit your website if you give them something of value first.

Exchange links with popular sites. This method is effective in several ways. First, you will get traffic and increase search engine ranking through the links that are posted on other sites. Also, as additional websites link to your site, your search engine rankings begin to rise. This can be a significant source of traffic. Showing up on the first few page in major search engines for your keywords can bring you hundreds or thousands of visitors per month.

Here is how to get links to your site. Find sites that are similar in theme to your website. Inquire about the possibility of doing a link exchange with you. In your communications with them, paste a link to their page that you are displaying on your website. Now the ball is in their court. They will do one of two things, either accept your offer or not. If they refuse to do an exchange with you remove their link from your site.

Use Pay Per Click advertising. Pay Per Click costs money but it can be a dynamic way to coral highly targeted traffic to your site. If you are careful to choose the right keywords and make intelligent bidding choices it can prove to be a very cost effective and useful tool. Google Adwords and Overture are the two most popular Pay Per Click companies. However, Yahoo and MSN offer pay per click advertising as well, and often for less cost per click. To get the most out of Pay Per Click you need to be armed with at least a fundamental amount of knowledge. I suggest buying a book or ebook on the subject before starting a campaign.

Submit videos to video sites. Videos are one of the best ways to get yourself "found" on the internet. Major league videos can also be made with the most basic equipment. For instance, you can use a small digital camera with a movie mode or an inexpensive webcam. Processing your movie can be done using a free video editing program that is part of your Windows operating system.

Here is what to do. Make a video about your product, business or opportunity. Upload your video to Youtube and give it a catchy title and description based on the content. Writing a good title and description is what drives or attracts an audience to your video. For instance, make sure to do some keyword research and use those keywords or "tags" that are geared for the audience that you want to reach. I could go on about keywords and titles but that is a subject for another article. But for now, you can simply learn from what others are doing. Do a search on Youtube for videos that deal with the same subject matter. Look at the descriptions and tags that are on the most highly viewed videos and "learn" from them!

While any one of the traffic generating strategies mentioned above can make a difference in your marketing efforts, I suggest using all of them. Doing this will give you more traffic in the shortest timeframe. The more you put into the methods discussed in this article the better they will work.
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