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May 10, 2008
A wise person once said that he would rather earn from 1% of 100 people's efforts than earn from 100% of his own. This man then became one of the wealthiest men in our history - James D. Rockefeller. He introduced many concepts that allow businesses to prosper, including leverage and working smarter. Do you feel as though there is a limit to how much money that you can make because you cannot work any harder?

The solution to this problem is the idea of a passive income. Passive income is the money-making principle that separates your time from your work. Once you set up a stream of passive income, it is on autopilot and you will have the opportunity to make money while working on other interesting projects.

No matter what position you may be in at the moment, the sooner you commence your conquest to retain passive income, the more quickly financial burdens will be lifted off your shoulder. There are a few important strategies that will assist you in attaining this goal.

The idea of residual income is a form of passive income that relies on making money off of a product that you only work on once. After you create this product, you establish an automated service to deliver and receive payment for this product.

A way to establish this residual income is through e-books and PayPal. You can even purchase the resell rights to pre-existing e-books and simply buy the rights from there. However, this is not the best and most efficient way to have a passive income. You need to apply leverage to have this automated income perform at its best.

Leveraged income allows the labor of additional individuals to establish an income for you. In this method, you create an income off of others people's toil, instead of your own. This strategy may or may not second as residual income, which when combined with leveraged income, is twice as efficient.

There is one other way to most effectively apply the idea of a passive income, and this is termed active leveraged income. You will have to put more effort in this approach, but by getting others to work with you, not for you, you can earn even more money. An example of this exists in the Multi-level-marketing world. You can greatly enhance your return and get closer to financial freedom.

Having financial freedom seems to be harder than ever, but with knowledgeable experts willing to assist, it is also easy. There are a lot of make money online programs out there, so be sure to get with one that has established partners and ways to grow within the company. By correctly establishing different streams of passive income, you can create financial freedom and have a happy, successful life.
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Troy Smith is a foremost expert in online marketing. He tells others about legitimate, reputable online Passive Income opportunities. His most prominent promotion is The Berry Tree that guarantees success.
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