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Different Areas and Equipment in Bowling Centers

May 10, 2008
A typical bowling center has several areas to cater to every member of the family that visits there. It also has some equipment that are mainstays in old bowling alleys as well as new ones in order to entice new customers and probably converts to bowling.

A bowling center is large hall because of the numerous bowling alleys it may contain. The area where the bowling alleys are located does not have supporting beams, because bowling requires a clear view of the bowling lane. The large room would be supported by its walls, as well as the beams at the back of the bowling alleys, where the restaurants and other entertainment are usually located.

A bowling center may contain up to 50 or more bowling alleys. Each bowling alley would consist of a 75 by 3.5 foot lane with polished paint marks, two 60-foot gutters, two 60-foot borders, front wall, ten pins, a bowling machine, bowling ball-retrieving machine, ball tunnel, ball sorter, game computer and monitor(s), players' seats and table, hand dryer, and bowling ball rack with extra balls.

There would be about 50 or so bowling alleys in one center, with each alley consisting of 70 x 3.5-foot lanes, two 60-foot gutters (one on each side), two 60-foot borders, and the front wall. Beyond the wall, hidden from players' views, the bowling ball machine takes care of placing the ten pins as well as relaying the ball back to the player via tunnels that connect to the ball-sorting machine.

Other entertainment - the billiards area or arcade video games - would usually be located beside the restaurants. The billiards area is usually large, with ample space in between billiard tables. Each billiard table should have its own lighting. The area may also have a restaurant or a bar that could serve meals, snacks, and drinks, particularly beers. Billiard sticks, balls, and chalk/powder are usually placed at the sides of the room or at the bar.

The arcade video game area is usually for children or adolescents. It should be separated or enclosed, because the noise may disturb other people in the bowling center. There can be several arcade video machines in one room, ranging from toy games, shooting games, driving games, fighting games, and others.

Lastly, there is the reception area where the players can pay for their games or rent shoes and other bowling equipment. The reception area is also where you go if you want to ask for information regarding the place or the games.
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