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List of Video Game Suppliers for Wholesale Business - Free?

May 10, 2008
Are you seeking a free list of video game suppliers for your wholesale business? If you answered yes, then think or search again as their is a good probability that you found a recollection of of sources that already all the masses are working with. No good.

Now, getting a hold of your video games suppliers is a fair deal since you will be receiving competitive pricing and discounts from them. The lower the price and the higher the discount they can provide, the higher your reselling profits will be. Sounds obvious, right? Ok, now the only question left unanswered is where you can find consistent sources.

There are actually a lot of online resources you can check out. The most prominent help desk for US and Canada based companies is Better Business Bureau where you can narrow down your search per state or zip code as well as the kind of suppliers may be looking for.

The greatest thing about checking out Better Business Bureau is that you can view the full company profile of each supplier and exactly know whether there have been any complaints against them. If it is a one-time purchase, for say, a $1,000 or $2,000 then why not check the record and listing violations encountered while hitting a search in BBB it is a safe investment.

Are there numerous complaints already from same company? You should avoid it. Do they have minimum amount of complaints from an established company? If they have received minimum complaints and the company means big business to you in the long term, the famous smarts should remain. First we try and then we trust. Can it get simpler?

If you prefer doing business with overseas companies, you can send an email to their country government agency responsible for the releasing of business permits. They have the complete list of suppliers as well as business track records. The government agency of each country functions like Better Business Bureau but not all of them have sophisticated websites like that of BBB. Other times when an email address can not be found, sending a snail mail is inevitable.

You can join numerous portal sites where they have for free video game suppliers. The primary steps you need to do are to register and confirm the account with them. It is an option, but it takes a lot of time. But still, hey, it is free.

Ask for your particular item with the ID number once you provide them your contact information of your wholesale business or interest. There is another resource you can use, the search engines for your particular item or merchandise. However, most search results are vague and you might be sifting through them using your personal criteria to segregate the best and the worst suppliers.

This is not highly recommended but if you are willing to invest the time, of course, be our guest. It is good to do so when you have sufficient time. With enough time and enthusiasm, getting in development stages your new e-commerce store should be a breeze if having everything organized and in place. If a list of video game suppliers is of your interest, then a search for wholesale business source should be a consistent search.
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