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Keep Your Coffee Shop Hopping In The Summer

May 10, 2008
Now that the weather is warming up, you should have some plans in motion to get customers into your coffee shop. It seems like the business does taper off as the warmer weather approaches. For many daily customers a cup of coffee or two is part of their routine regardless of how hot or cold it is outside. Yet not all of your customers are going to feel this way.

You can keep your coffee shop hopping in the summer though if you are creative about it. Offer a period of time in the afternoons from 2 -4 pm where you offer price drinks. This is a great way to keep people coming in because they already love what you have to offer. Now they can benefit from the price of it as well.

Chances are your menu offers some very wonderful selections. If you don't offer iced coffee then you may want to. It can become a permanent part of the menu or just something you want to offer during the warmer part of the year. These types of drinks cool, refreshing, and they offer the coffee flavor that your customers are looking for.

You can go a completely different direction with some cooler drinks too. There is no written rule that says you must only offer coffee related drinks. Cold smoothies made from fresh strawberries or bananas will be a huge hit. They are healthy and they are sweet too which is a good combination for those with a need for something refreshing. Yet they also want to have a snack that satisfies their sweet tooth.

Ice cream is a favorite treat of people of all ages, and you can offer some great flavors at your coffee shop as well. You don't want it to be too complicated but if you get a freezer and offer a few flavors you should have no trouble selling them. Even if someone comes in for just coffee they may decide a side of ice cream is a great treat for the afternoon.

If possible change the dcor in the summer too. You can change the curtains to allow more sunlight to come in. You can rearrange tables so that there is room for people to visit and hang out. When it is hot outdoors people like a well air conditioned place to come in to relax. Make sure your coffee shop is a place that fits that profile for customers.

Since kids are out in the summer, you want your coffee shop to offer drinks and an atmosphere they will love. This way parents are going to be coming in with them to get a snack instead of going to a kid oriented location. This is great way to promote families in your coffee shop. The money you will make appealing to this crowd is very good so don't brush off the idea.

What are you doing to get customers into the coffee shop over the summer? If you are just going about your same old routine, chances are you are missing out on potential sales. There is a great deal of customers out there that will still come to your coffee shop in the summer. You want to entice them with a good variety of drinks and treats that they will be happy to come in for on a regular basis.
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